Rolltop-The Future Laptop

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The future laptop is here, a laptop which is very simple to carry around, a laptop is not heavy as the present laptops. Now you can feel free to carry your laptop any where. Have you ever seen an building contractors building project paper?? the long and round hung on his shoulder ?? A Roll-Top is similar to these!


Roll-top, a multipurpose electronic gadget has the same design as the above mentioned examples. The Roll-top is really an great invention. You just have to roll it as you roll a paper when u have it in your hand. You just have to open it to make it into a laptop. It has a handle which holds the laptop which has a charger attached. You will never believe that it even has a webcam and USB slots in it.

Laptop with keyboard :

When you unroll it you can adjust the degree in which you feel it comfortable for view. also You get the keyboard as you find it in an touch screen mobile. The entire laptop is touch sensitive. You have the same configurations as a normal laptop.

rolltop laptop

Complete touch:

You can completely make it a touch screen if you are using any painting application. You have a pen attached at the bottom of the screen which can be used to draw. Its tough to use your mouse pointer to draw what you want. so you can draw with the pen which will be exact as you want. So isn’t this really cool ???

rolltop tablet


With a Roll-Top you can also watch TV in High Definition.  This has an  OLED(organic light emitting diodes) technology which provides an high clarity. You can make it stand as like a TV and view your favorite channels. A charger is connected to the handle which is used to charge the roll-top.

rolltop monitor

Specifications :

  • 13 inch display
  • A webcam
  • 2 USB slots
  • Handle works as Charger with power cord attached
  • A pen

rolltop laptop backside

So what do you think about it? Well, I have no words!

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