Samsung is developing applications focused on Cryptocurrency

Since a few days ago there is a rumor that suggests that Samsung is possibly developing applications for cryptocurrencies which will be integrated into their smartphones, it is also possible that they have the ability to securely safeguard the private keys of cryptoactive wallets. Galaxy Club released information on December 11 where it was claimed that Samsung has registered 3 applications for brands for phones in the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union.


The above is not uncommon, it is something that smartphone manufacturers always do, what I call a lot of attention is that the names are allusive to distributed accounting technology, the names are Blockchain Core, Blockchain KeyBox and Blockchain KeyStore . The details and characteristics of these products are not known because the requests are only requests for trademarks and not for patents.

In Galaxy Club they think that the mobile devices will have applications that will allow users to keep their private keys safe and can perform transactions with cryptocurrencies, these applications may be incorporated into models of Samsung smartphones, especially the Galaxy S10. Perhaps they are also introduced in the models that are coming to market as they are the Galaxy A30 and the Galaxy A50.

Information not confirmed

Samsung has not offered information on this, although the issue has several days generating a large amount of news the company has not spoken to confirm or deny the whole issue, even major media have devoted time and space to this topic. But there is a publication of, a blog that is dedicated to people who use smartphones of this brand, which ensures that if there are plans by Samsung to offer their users an application for a cold portfolio of Bitcoin cryptocurrencies in the Galaxy S10.

In addition to the above, in the blog it is mentioned that the application of the cold wallet will give the possibility to each of the users of the Samsung Galaxy S10 to import the portfolios they have in other services such as TrustWallet or Metamask, as well as create a new wallet in that application.


It is also mentioned in the blog post that the application will accept cryptocurrencies and tokens such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and the tokens derived from Ethereum ERC-20. Possibly this new application from Samsung is much safer than any other because it has a layer of security more than others. Everything materialized here Samsung would be taking measures very similar to those of HTC, this company in October launched a model of Smartphone which is enabled for blockchain and that users can use to buy virtual coins.

It is impressive what the cryptocurrencies generate, if it is true of Samsung many users of these currencies would benefit and the company would earn a good amount of income since those involved in this industry will undoubtedly seek this and other devices with the application that they are supposedly developing.

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