Say Cheese! Easy Tips to Improve Mobile Photos

Some do it to record life events, some just do it for fun, while others get into it because they love sharing pictures. Whatever the reasons why people do it, mobile photography is getting a lot of attention even from professional photographers. Today, even mobile photo exhibitions are done in art galleries around the world.


In the eye few professional photographers mobile photography hinders the expression of creativity. According to photographer, Kate Bevan, “it encourages the use of lazy one-click processing.”

But many people argue that snapping a picture is not where mobile photographs end. They may not be processed under chemicals, nor photo-editing software but they undergo several changes in various smartphone applications.

Kevin Meridith, a professional photographer and Instagram enthusiast, says that Instagram “is creative.” He explains that every Instagram picture is unique even before it is layered with filters because it is part of the user’s memory and experience.

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If you want to take stand-out, beautiful, and creative photos, you only have to count, 1-2-3 and say cheese! Here are simple tips to help you:

1. Take a New Perspective

In a different perspective, a boring subject can be creative. You can experiment on angles like worm’s-eye view and bird’s-eye view. You can also frame your subject at the center of doors or windows, or holes to give a unique style. With clip-on lenses, you can take pictures with great depth-of-field, where the foreground or the background is blurred while the subject is sharp.

Be familiar with rule of third. This is an effective way to avoid dead-center images. Rule of thirds tells photographers to divide the image into three equal parts and place the subject at 2/3 parts of the composition. Photographers say that this rule creates tension, energy and interest in the pictures.

2. There’s More Than Just Instagram

Instagram is the most famous photo application for both Android and iOS. But every people are using this application. If you want to share something new, you have to render your images in a different application. Here are some mobile applications you should try:

  • Camera 360. This new application is starting to be recognized by many users because of its wide number of creative filters. It can even change the light and contrast if images to make it look properly exposed.
  • Cymera. This app is known as a multifunction photo app. It helps you get the full potential of your images with its easy to use editing function and photo filters. There’s even an automatic photo-retouching., perfect for your portraits!
  • InstaBlend. Want to double expose your images the way analog photographers do? Try InstaBlend. Experiment with double exposure by overlaying one image to another. You can also add texts to make inspiring aphorism. It also has great filers to enhance your images.

3. Experiment With Lenses

Get a clip-on lens and all your images will totally get the face-lift you want. There are macro lens, for macro-photography; wide angle lens for great landscapes; and fisheye lens for that quirky super-wide composition. With a good lens, you can be more experimental. You can create pictures with great depth of fields, to copy the style only professional DSLRs can do. You do not have to buy expensive lenses that professional photographers use!

4. Say Cheese!

The most important part of mobile photography is to enjoy. Have fun in taking pictures because that is when your creative juices are squeezed out of your brain. If you are having fun, you naturally think of ways to get lively and moving shots.

With these simple tips, you mobile pictures will not be memorable but beautiful as well. You can actually improve your photographic skills even if you do not take any professional classes. If you want to explore on mobile photography to express your creativity, grab your phones, head outside and remember, 1-2-3 say cheese!

Author Bio: Diana Walls currently taking her MA in Communications. She is a blogger and a freelance writer who is currently working for essay help in Australia.

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