Simple Formulas To Get Maximum Exposure From Pinterest

Visual marketing or so-called image marketing has revolutionized inbound marketing strategies and opens a new era of visitors’ engagement. We all know that Pinterest is a new social networking platform relative to other social media channels. However, it is one of the fastest growing social community on the web with a new definition of social engagement.

So, what makes Pineterest so popular among web users? The answer is simple, pinterest allows you to collect any image you like on the web and share it with other people. Anyone can consider this a very common feature as there are many other communities providing the same facility like Flickr or picasa and so on.

Get followers on Pinterest

Let’s ponder on a quick statistics, so that we understand Pinterest user interactions:

  1. 15% of internet users engage with pinterest
  2. 20 million plus registered users and it’s increasing
  3. 1 hour 17 minutes time spent
  4. Almost 80% pinterest users are women
  5. 43% of users  like to correlate the activity with brands
  6. 15%  pin boards are brand boards
  7. 83.9% users like to pin
  8. 15.5 % like to engage in linking
  9. 1% like to comment
  10. More than 80% pins are repins

There is a great opportunity to market products and services via Pinterest. Branding is the main mantra to increase visitors’ engagement and conversion rate. Branding needs proper marketing to grab user attention.

Let’s have a close look to find out how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool

Set up a profile in a few minutes

  • Creating a profile will take a few minutes to complete. There are few factors to be taken up seriously like the “username”, which is a profile url only. Brand name could be used as username or you can simply use your preferred username.  Use your own picture or brand logo as profile picture.
  • Fill out the about section and you may use keywords, to get some seo benefits. Provide location as many other social networks indicate as search engines give value to it and finally verify your website that helps increase visibility.

Images and Pins – What to Do

  • Pin images, which are clean and easily understandable. Whenever you are pinning images describe it and you may use “hash tags” to identify your preferred keywords. People would love to see large images, so try to use long and large images. You may notice that pinterest images are larger in height than width.
  • Pinterest Image Sizes are bellow:
    Profile Image Size: 160X160 Px (Resized to 49X49 px)
    Pinned Image Size: 600X infinite Px
  • While pining an infographic, ensure that it is attractive and full of useful data. Try to use large text on title and clean front size to describe inner materials. Infographics with congested data are difficult to read and may be ignored by other users.

Pin Boards and Group Boards

  • One of the most exciting features of Pinterest is Pin Board, where your pin collections are stored and whenever another user clicks on it the image collection displays. It is better to create separate pin boards with different categories to attract more visitors, which help collect more repins. 15-20 pin boards are standard to make other people browse pinterest profile page. Try to pin at least one image for each board, so you are pining 15 or 20 images and remember that visitors like to notice new things. Hence, update your boards whenever you can.
  • Group boards are just like creating a group in a social community. Board creators can invite or allow followers or any other users to share their collection in that particular board.  It is a great approach to collaborate with people beyond business. You can start your own group board or if you get an invitation from others, you may join and become a contributor.

Increase Followers for more Exposure

Like any other social media platform, regular activity is important here as well. It’s a little bit time taking process to make new followers. Here are some tips, which could be useful to increase followers.

  1. Regular interaction is the key to earn new followers.
  2. Follow popular pin boards or profiles.
  3. Pin, like and repin more and more.
  4. Join group boards and start sharing.
  5. Connect pinterest profile with other social networks.
  6. Add pinterest follow me button with blog
  7. Add WordPress  plugin such as “pinterest  Image inner plugin” with blog

In this crowded and competitive market situation “Pinterest” is another social platform to drive traffic to your website for helping improve conversion rate. If you are not in Pinterest, you’re missing a great opportunity to develop business potentiality.

Author Bio: Samrat Bhattacharya is an internet marketing enthusiast and he likes to share his experience and loves to learn new things about web marketing.  Samrat is presently associated with LInkboostup and he is also passionate about guest blogging.

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