Social Media Marketing Techniques – 5 Ways Coupon Networks Build Customer Trust

Is social media marketing working for you?

If only you understand how to utilize the immense social media networks available to you, your business would grow beyond your widest thoughts. When properly harnessed, a new realm of business dealings is initiated.

However, not everyone knows how to approach social media.

Even though millions of bloggers have a Facebook Fan page and Twitter handle, you would be surprised when they tell you that none or few customers actually make it to their blog on daily basis.

I’m not saying you should destroy your twitter account or social media profiles, what I’m concerned about is that you achieve success. Coupon & discount networks like understand how to use social media to promote their offers.

I’ve used this strategy when I stumbled on it, especially on my coupon blog where I highlight viable household products and internet marketing tools. E.g. flex belt coupon codes, trx coupon discount deals, web hosting coupons etc. Get ready to enhance your web presence with these five nuggets. If you are running a wordpress blog, you would also love to check out Coupon Code WordPress plugin.

1. Release Your Thoughts

Do you realize that you’re dealing with real humans that have blood running through their veins? That’s why you need to release your thoughts. Whatever goes on within you affect your outside and the way you present your products and services.

For those who failed before in affiliate marketing, it’s obvious when you see their marketing offers fully packed with hype and marketing B.S. why?

Because they want to make quick bucks to pay bugging bills, and they thought exaggerating would yield sales.

Any thought that’s outside of your prospect’s satisfaction should be destroyed. Social media marketing tends to connect to life and the essence of it.

2. Earn Their Trust

There are two ways to introduce you to prospects. One is pushy while the other is ideal. By honing your name and what your products can do for someone, you’re putting yourself on a brink position and if care is not taking, you would slip off.

Instead, let prospects earn your trust. You achieve this by delivering on what you promise and only promise what you can do. If you still tell “white lies” to make some money off someone’s sweat and sleepless nights, you had better think again.

The future of your business is at stake. Would you be glad to lose all your customers within 3 months? The best business deals ever are the “repeated sales from the same customers.”

Make your products top notch and you would earn their trust most definitely. I admonish you to swallow this advice – it would set your business on fire positively.

3. Encourage Your Social Media Fans

The soul of a man feeds on the “right words.”

If you want your social media followers and fans to remain loyal and respond to your offers, please encourage them. With thousands of infomercials that flash on their faces every day, they are becoming fed up of this whole marketing dilemma. It’s your role as a social media marketer to pave the road for them.

Let them see what the future holds for them.

Most of the time, do not recommend products and services. Simply ask about their health, business and family. You would be surprised how this “simple” compassionate marketing could triple your conversion rate when you recommend stuff later.

If something had just happened around the web like the Google updates, ask if any of your followers were affected.

Encourage your fans. Motivate them and they would propagate your business to their friends, colleagues and family.

4. Be Yourself (Very Important)

Do you know your real identity? When I read articles online and listen to podcasts, I discover that several gifted bloggers, entrepreneurs and career personnel are copying. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s good to have a mentor (I’m a strong advocate of having a role model), whom you trust to give sound business advise.

But it shouldn’t transcend to copying. Every entrepreneur has a unique approach to business and life. In social media marketing, potential customers want to know if they can relate with your uniqueness. They’re fed up with copy-cats all over the web.

If you can say it as it is, deliver it the way it is and be yourself, the trust you need would appear.

I know how powerful being you could be. I’ve been using it in social media marketing and guess what? It pays greater dividends than stocks and shares.

5. Get Prospects Involved

One thing that would lift your entire business up is your ability to coordinate and receive opinions. Sometimes, you may not see what potential customers see. You should make them a part of your product creation, blog posts, press release distributions etc.

When you give room for questions and contributions, you would be able to tap into their rich resource of ideas and create that awesome product/service that meets their “exact” present need.

“Listening is the first aspect of talking.” As you cannot be 100% right all the time, give your prospects, Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers and email subscribers the privilege to “talk” and share what they like and dislike about your offer. If they can be your friends, then selling to them would be easier than taking a girl out for launch. Lol!

Social Media Takeaway

There you’ve it, the five exceptional strategies to influence your social media prospects and sell your products and services. The results of putting these to work may not be instant, but with patience and clear goals, success is guaranteed.

The earlier you take action, the faster you would celebrate. Take that right step today and change your life – will you?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Chibuzor of Weight Loss Triumph reviews fitness and health products and enjoys sharing practical tips to help you grow your business. A review article he is proud of is about TRX training, a body weight exercise equipment that has revolutionized suspension training. Visit his site to find reviews and discount deals on popular fitness products.

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