Why Should You Prefer Tablet PCs to NetBooks and Laptops? [Tablet PC Revolution]

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Envy is one of the seven deadly sins but it is hard not to be envious when people everywhere are flashing their new tablets and boasting about the multitude of features they have. The latest trend to have taken the technology world by storm, tablet PCs are more than a fashion statement which is what many consider them to be. The fact that tech geeks have embraced them with open arms shows that they are not just a new fad but great devices with immense potential in terms of usage and practicality.

The true love for Tablet PC’s

Generally, techies are very critical of new technologies but they are unanimous in their acceptance of the tablet PC. As proof I present the sheer number of Internet forums that have cropped up, all dedicated to discuss and review these marvelous devices. The reasons for their popularity are many fold. The first and most obvious is the amazing convenience these devices offer to the user by being truly mobile. With laptops and net books, a person always has had to compromise, be it the sheer bulkiness and low battery life of the first or the small screen and keyboard of the latter. The tablet PC fills the gap nicely with various offerings from popular manufacturers spread over all manner of screen sizes and battery time.  Add the WIFI capabilities, cameras and communication options such as video calling and you have a truly multifunctional and fun to use device.

Apps Galore

The second important advantage is the apps. With open source operating systems such as the Android being prime candidates to run most tablet PCs, there is no lack of applications available cheaply and even free of cost for your tablet PC. Games are all the more lively and interesting thanks to the multi touch screens,  while the gyros and accelerometers deliver a game playing experience few other devices can compete with. It’s not all fun and games either because the tablet PCs have thousands of apps pertaining to life improvement, scheduling, education and communication designed to be life more efficient. One of my personal favorite features happens to be ebook compatibility that allows you to use your tablet PC as a book, with the screen imitating pages that you can flip with your finger. As you should be well aware, the days of the paper-back and hardbound books we love and cherish are numbered as the younger generation adopts ebooks as their medium of written communication. With these apps, your tablet PC becomes more than just a collection of transistors but an extension of your personality, containing all your interests and passions in one, easy to carry package.

Why Apple?

Having discussed a few of excellent advantages of the tablet PC, let’s consider the options available. If you are willing go all out on your purchase, the iPad2 offered by Apple Inc. is the tablet for you with its 10 inch screen, 10 hour battery life and amazing (but not free) applications library. Its closer competitor is the Galaxy tab offered by Samsung, with a smaller screen but sporting the Android operating system, which opens the flood gates to countless free applications as well as the ability to modify the tab to your requirements.  If you are not prepared to spend too much, you can still enjoy the tablet PC experience thanks to the many offerings from small Chinese companies at half the cost of most popular tablets.  These usually run the Android operating system giving you access to the wonderful apps market online and have no lack of features compared to their more expensive counterparts. However, some people question their reliability and quality but since most come with a one year warranty, you can rest assured that you will get a bad deal.

Needless to say tablets have closed the gap between laptops, net-books and mobile phones, truly all-in-one devices that can make the daily dreary routine sparkle and shine. And its not only about entertainment, these devices have a multitude of uses for everyone from businessmen or students. In any case like them or not, the tablet PC has revolutionized the mobile computing market and its best to accept them because they are here to stay.

This post was written on behalf of Tim Smith; a lover of all things geek and tech, especially Tablets.

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