Tablet Wars – The Top 5 brands in the market

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We are always looking for convenience and portability, that’s precisely the reason we’ve moved from Desktop PC’s to laptops, from laptops to netbooks, from netbooks to tablet PC’s and from tablet PC’s to smart-phones. And as it is the case with all of these machines, tech companies are at war, of producing the best, the most flexible, fancy, and fabulous tablet to capture the biggest market share. Big names like Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP, Asus have competing neck to neck to come up with the best tablet.

Following is a list of five tablet PC’s made by top five big wigs.

1). Apple iPad2

The moment Apple launched the first tablet PC, the iPad, it was an instant hit. The luxury of using a tablet slab so thin, it could fit even in the average lady’s purse, the Apple iPad was a trend setter. Once Apple had its share of success, glitz and glamour, the rest of the tech industry followed suit. The latest version of the iPad is the iPad 2. Enhanced features, better shape, a faster processor and 3G facilities.

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Front and Rear Camera for Facetime Chat: Talk with friends and family anywhere, anytime with the Facetime chat facility provided by the front and rear end cameras of the iPad 2.

Apple’s A5 Dual Core Processor: This is the first gadget in Appledom to have the dual core A5 processor that boosts excellent speed, with graphics that can run up to 9x faster. A 10 hour battery life is a blessing in disguise!

Dimensions: 9.5 inches height, 7.31 inches width, with weight around 1.33 pounds.

Gyroscope: 3-axis movement detection features aimed at giving perfect gaming experience.

Smart Cover: New shades to your iPad 2 everyday! At $40, get an Ipad 2 cover to protect your device from external damage.

The cons: A not so good screen resolution, weak photo quality and absolutely no support for anything else other than Apple – which means no Adobe Flash, no HDMI or USB/SD ports.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Tab

After Apple’s iPad proved to be a hit in the tech universe, Samsung – the mobile industry giant, wasted no time in rolling out its own tablet, going by Galaxy Tab. Considered as the iPad’s rival, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has a lot to offer.


Operating System: Samsung works on the Android platform with the HoneyComb as the operating system.

Dimensions: 6.9 inches in height, 10.1 inches in width and weighing 19.9 pounds, the Samsung Tablet is sleek and stylish with up to 9 hours battery time.

Processor: Running on the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor type, with a RAM of 1 GB and installed storage of 16 GB.

Camera: Front and rear with the rear camera having 3 megapixels resolution. Flash support that is NOT available in Apple iPad 2.

The Samsung Galaxy is perhaps the only worthy rival of the Apple iPad 2 with almost the same features (in some cases better) and the reason it is preferred over the iPad 2 is because of its flexible OS. Users are not forced to stay within the Apple universe.

On the other hand, some users find the Honeycomb OS to be a wreck – though that depends on how much of a geek you are. The other issues could be lack of I/O ports, but then, which gadget doesn’t have any short comings?

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3. Dell Streak 7

Another tablet that runs on the Android, Dell is a very well known name in the world of computers, no matter if you are talking of the desktop PC’s, laptops or netbooks. There are a number of tablet PC’s released by Dell, but the Dell Streak 7, is another league altogether.Dell-Streak-7-Tablet

Operating System: Android Froyo 2.2

Processor: NVIDIA Tegra 2 Mobile Processor

Camera: 5MP rear auto focus camera with Flash. Front 1.3MP camera for excellent face to face chat.

Storage: 16 Gb of internal storage.

Connectivity: 4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Though the iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab are mainly 3Gs, the Dell Streak 7 takes a step further and moves on to 4G. It has excellent support for Adobe Flash. Though the features of this tablet are pretty good, it doesn’t score good on its user interface and screen quality. The resolution is not good enough and the responsiveness is slow. For its price, the Dell Streak 7 needs to come up with better enhancements and a stronger GUI.

4). HP Slate 500

Would HP ever be left behind when its rival Dell goes on a tablet spree? Impossible! So, this version of a tablet should be worth checking out. And the best part is, it runs on our very own Windows 7. Meant for business use, still more than enough for entertainment or for average consumers, the HP Slate reeks of style and professionalism.hp-slate-500

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Special Features: Digital Pen, Fingerprint resistant coating and anti-glare screen

Processor: Intel 1.86 Ghz, with 2 GB RAM, DDR2 SDRAM

Camera: Rear camera of 3MP resolution, front facing camera is VGA.

Though the HP Slate comes off as a good looking, sleek tablet, it still has to improvise greatly on its apps and other built-in software. It needs to provide more usability functions and it has to give a better battery life, as it works for just 5 to 6 hours.

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5). Asus Eee Pad Transformer

While all other big names jumped into the tablet market one after another, Asus did delay coming onto the scene, but when it did come, it came up with a bang. Eee Pad Transformer comes with a keypad to give its users the best of the two worlds.ASUS-Eee-Pad-Transformer-Android-3.0-Tegra-2-tablet

Operating System: Google Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS

Processor: Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core 1 GHz Processor with 1 GB DDR2 RAM

Features: Scratch resistant glass, WaveShare UI, G-sensor, Light Sensor, Gyroscope

Memory Features: Internal 16GB storage with options for Micro SD card slot.

Extra Features: SMS, MMS, HTML, FLASH facilities (like SMS in a tablet!! Wow!)
Camera: 5MP, LED Flash, Auto Focus. Secondary camera: 1.3 MP and 720p HD video recording

Battery life up to 9.5 hours

Well! The Asus Eee PC has got so much to offer, extra ports, extra features, optional keyboards, and all that makes the Asus Eee PC a great tablet for people on the budget who need functionality without having to spend a fortune. It is thought to be the cheapest tablet that runs on Android Honeycomb, and rightly so.

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