Ten Effective Ways to Manage Passwords Online

With all those programs, files, databases, sites and services that you need to manage, sometimes it is practically impossible for you to manage the multitude of passwords that you need. It is not a good idea to have a single password, as your security might be affected, but having too many of those will also be a bad idea, as you might have problems managing those passwords. This is why it is recommended to find some methods to manage your passwords effectively. Let’s see some of those methods.

1. The Browser

Any browser remembers passwords, and this is also a safe method to manage passwords. The problem is that when you clear the history of the respective browser, you will lose the respective details. Moreover, in the case of a hacking attack, some smart hackers might be able to check the history of the browser, and to find out your passwords.

2. KeePass

A password manager that is free, available for all the major operating systems, and even for mobile devices. It manages all your passwords, in a secure database, and even if you are offline, you will have access to the respective details.

 Download KeePass

3. Clipperz

This is the online solution that can be used anywhere. It is also great for storing other details, such as credit card numbers, accounts and any other important detail that you want to keep safe. As for the encryption method, you can be sure that it is a safe one, so the possibility of an exterior attack is excluded.

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4. KeyWallet

This can’t be considered as a program, as it is more like a widget, and it is only available for Windows. It is independent from the browser, which is great for some people, and it also has an auto-fill option.

 Download KeyWallet

5. Password Manager Plus

This program works with Firefox and IE, and it is also able to remember other details besides passwords, using the auto fill feature.

Download Password Manager Plus

6. Password Hasher

This is a Firefox extension that generates strong passwords, having your master password as a base. The passwords generated this way benefit of an increased security, and because of the fact that they are based on your main password, it will be easy to remember.

 Download Password Hasher

7. PasswordSafe

This is a free service that works on any browser, being able to remember keys of the programs you have installed on the computer, but also details that you need to log onto certain sites and blogs.

Visit PasswordSafe

8. Password Generator

As the name says it all, all you need to do is to use this tool and you will have randomly generated passwords that you can use in different internet locations.

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9. Piece of paper

Of course, writing your passwords on a piece of paper might be the safest method to remember those passwords, but with this method, even if you don’t need to be concerned about the online hackers, you will have to protect the respective details from hackers…from your house!

10. Algorithm

Another simple method is to create your own algorithm. For example, you can have a basic password that you can remember all the time, let’s say “abcde”, and then you can scramble it with numbers and other letters.

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