Tips To Know How Far A Free Software Is Harmful For Your PC

Computer specialists have over time pointed out the major cause of virus on many people’s PC is the content they download from online sources. Most of the programs, videos, music and games that are downloaded online are virus or they make the PC prevalent to the attack from viruses. The junk of this program and content are always free and the source or the developer is anonymous. There is a need therefore for one to take care of their PC by taking into account some few tips that can make it possible to analyze how far a free software is harmful to your system. Here are some of these important tips to learn.

1. Analyze the source of the free software.

It is quite dangerous to download a software whose source is anonymous. Most of such software might look so genuine, but they are entirely majors and viruses. The developer of the software should be a source that is known and reputable. If you have any doubt about the source of the program then it is safe to drop the whole idea of downloading it. One way to find out about the source of a software is to read reviews available on the particular Software. If it does not have any reviews, then it is good to treat it with suspicion.

2. Assess the software that you are downloading

It is wise and safer to make a very critical assess of whatever you are downloading not only a software, but any other file. If you are downloading a free program that will enhance the functionality of your browser then that can be a good thing to go for. But if what you are downloading might seem like pornographic content or a pornographic software then be cautioned that it might be a virus.

3. Look keenly over the site

It is a thing of great help check on the site you are downloading your content from especially if it is a free software you are downloading. Most of the sites that are basic and amateur are the major source of most of the virus we get online. It is then needy to say that one should avoid such site and download content from sites that are superficial and have been existing for quite a long time.

4. Are there other people who have downloaded the software?

This a great way of finding out how harmful a file can be to your own PC. If other people have downloaded the software and have realized that it is a mall, then they won’t fail to comment on it on the site. So before getting to download the entire program try to check the comments that other people have made on it.

5. Try to check if the software comes with other executable files.

Most people do not realize the harm caused by the executable file. It is clear that most of the files that people download online have such executable extensions like .Exe, but people do not realize there harm. It is a word of caution to avoid any software that comes with other executable files apart from the software itself. Most of them might just look like a harmless document on your system, but you can never tell the effect they come with once they launch themselves within the system.

It is then a matter of great concern for everyone who has a PC, laptop or any computerized machine to be cautious of the many unscrupulous vendors giving free software. It is also good to contact the Norton support for any problems relating to virus Malware hackers and any other problem relating to suspicious program on your computer.

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