Top 10 Free Alternatives To WhatsApp

If you’re connected, you’re probably on WhatsApp, and that if you don’t mind paying for your messaging apps. If you’re the money-savvy kind like us, you probably think you shouldn’t be paying for messaging apps. So we figure that you’d like to hear of these 10 awesome free alternatives to WhatsApp. Do you?



LINE supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices. Using LINE, you can connect with other LINE users who are on your phone contacts list. You can also respond to your LINE messages by registering your number with an email account and using a PC or MacOS program. This allows you to text message your contacts via your computer and also call them using a net connection.

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2. KakaoTalk Messenger


With KakaoTalk Messenger, you can chat with other KakaoTalk users among your phone contacts, once you’re registered for the service. You can also conduct group chats, share your calendar and contact information with others, take audio notes and send pictures using this app. You can also call other Kakao Talk users via the Internet. This app supports multiple platforms and devices, such as the Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android and iOS.

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3. Skype


Skype recently allowed users to merge their contacts with those from their old MSN and Hotmail accounts. This move allowed users all over the world to connect with their longtime friends over Skype. With Skype on your phone, you can now message and call all your contacts for free. Here’s another advantage. WhatsApp doesn’t need you to approve contacts, but Skype does. So that means you’ll have only approved contacts on your Skype. Skype supports Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Android and iOS phones.

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4. Groupme


Groupme is the perfect messaging app for group chat needs.  You can send messages to your entire group via SMS too, using this app. Since this app requires a 3G connection, the facility to send group messages over SMS works perfectly for group members who don’t have 3G access. The non-3G recipients will have to pay a small fee to receive group messages though. Registration and logging in are done via code verification, which keeps the fear of spammers away. This app supports iOS and Android phones, and also Windows Phone and all BlackBerry devices.

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5. ChatON


This Samsung app allows only messaging; it has no calling features. Sign in with your Samsung account or use your name to log in to the app to start. Once you verify your phone number, ChatON will evaluate which of your phone contacts are logged on to ChatON. It then displays a list of fellow users that you can chat with using ChatON. ChatON supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

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6. WeChat

Apart from text chat facilities, WeChat allows you to video chat with other users and also make calls. That’s not all; you can connect with your email and Facebook account so that more of your friends can find you on WeChat. You can share WeChat contacts with friends, and also your current location, and pictures. This popular messaging app comes to us from China. You register for the app by providing your phone number and validate your registration using the verification code the app generates. This app supports Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone.

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7. Viber


Viber supports several additional devices, which is why it’s a very popular alternative to WhatsApp. Viber works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia and Bada devices. Another reason for its popularity is that Viber’s functions change according to the device. The interface is simple but excellently designed. When a new user from your phone’s contact list joins Viber, you’re not only notified immediately, but are also provided the option to chat immediately with the new user.

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8. Facebook Messenger

FB Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app supports iOS,  Android and recently BlackBerry devices. FaceBook Messenger allows you to connect and communicate only with your FaceBook pals. So if you have phone contacts who are not FaceBook users, you’ll have to ask them to become users in order to use this app to chat with them.

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9. LiveProfile


When you register for LiveProfile using your email account, you’ll be given a LiveProfile PIN, which you can give to any user to add you to their user list. This makes adding users to your LiveProfile list very secure, and keeps spam additions at bay. What’s more, you don’t have to share your phone number with other users – just the PIN will do. This allows for anonymous chats. LiveProfile doesn’t allow calling but you can message your contacts, share pictures and videos and start a group chat. This app supports iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

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10. Kik Messenger

Kik messenger

KiK allows you to choose a unique username to let other users find you. You can use this app to messages individuals or send group messages, but calling is not allowed. The app supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia platforms.

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