Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks for Novices

It is of utmost importance to know how to start and move ahead in the world of SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  Especially who are just starting a business and a novice in this field, having good knowledge is necessary to win in the battle. With a few SEO tips you can start everything in the right way and avoid the risk of loss in this war of virtual world.

Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks for Novices:

1. Be an attention grabber while staying simple:

Simplicity is the key to success, in every field of life. A webmaster too has to follow the same principle of simplicity to make get his website bookmarked by customers or clients. Rather than complicating things with stiff designs and effects it is better to bring about effective results with simple things. Especially while creating the name for a site, try to be unique yet simple instead of being serious and rigid.

2.Use the skill of social marketing:

Sign up on the free social networking sites and learn to utilize various features available to be linked to your website. Using social media marketing, social bookmarking and blogging as important tools you can submit them to article directories and deliver important information effectively. The top social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can play a big role in disseminating and expanding your website link and other online information. And to do allthese in an efficient manner get signed up and using online videos learn the way to do it.


3. Take lessons from mistakes and be away from them:

The best way to learn is taking lessons from our mistakes. Since you are a novice in this field the best way to proceed is to study, research and ask those who have enough experience in this industry. This will help you to avoid various mistakes in the way. Since you cannot learn in a day, it will take time to know the whole business and see good results.

4. Create a website which is user-friendly:

Before starting up with your website place yourself as a visitor or web user. To do in a better way make visits to various other web pages and rate your experience, right from clicking on the link the first time to the time length you were on the site. Using these you can make a start or make improvements accordingly.

5.Get signed up on Free Tools:

Though you can get a large number of article directories online, many of them require an amount to get the rewards. After you get started have a thorough check of everything and get signed up for the article directories which are free yet reputable. This way you can do your job without breaking your bank. Later on, when exposure and familiarization get maximized, you can take advantage of other SEO tools as this will turn easy on your end that time.

6. Avoid short-cut to get long-term success:

For novices there is no easy and short cut trick for success. Do not fool yourself by the short-term marketing strategies offered by others. Avoiding them you can get long-term success with honest and efficient plans.

7. Feed with fresh and unique content:

Always provide some unique and new content and remember that the articles need to be really fresh and not just spun ones. For keeping the ranking and pacing of your site it is important that you take time and effort to create good content so that your investments do not get trashed.

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8. Make a research on keywords:

It is important to know that providing keywords related to your website is not good enough to earn ranking. You need to invest sufficient time to research for the keywords that can ensure good earnings and rankings. Remember that sets of keywords act like an anchor helping you to be stable on unstable waters.

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9. Go for better Link Building to get better ranking:

Securing better ranking does not involve producing quality articles only. For this you need to have quality link building so that you can get quality back links. Start from the basics and learn about the tools for link building which can be of great help in the process. Using the most preferred tools you can achieve good results.

10. Original Content:

There cannot be any compromise with originality. If you cannot present any unique ideas online it is not going to be good for your business. Therefore, hire writes who are capable of producing unique contents consistently for your website. There is no scope for spun or copied article in the business.  Sacrificing quality for low cost you are sure to get a big blow on your total investment.

Following these tricks you can find yourself in a better position in the world of SEO.

Author Bio: Nigella Hobbes is an SEO expert who has been associated with some top SEO firms for a long time. She loves to write blogs and articles on various topics. She has also written various articles on AT&T internet deals, Comcast deals, etc. Here she is sharing her in depth knowledge with us on SEO tips and tricks for novices.

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