TOP 4 Most Popular Online Video Downloaders

How can I download all those awesome online videos???

Download Online VideosWebsites that offer streaming video content are very popular nowadays. They have videos of all sorts and kinds to fit any taste. At the same time, the vast majority of such sites don’t support video download feature, meaning that you can only watch videos online, without a chance to save them to your computer for offline playback. Fortunately, special software for video capture was created to bypass this restriction, allowing people to download videos from different video sharing websites, as a rule with no need to spend much time and effort.

Software Criterions

If you want to choose the best video capture software, you should pay attention to several important things, includind supported formats, websites, video conversion feature, downloading speed, usability, etc. In accordance with these criteria you will be able to select the program that will fully satisfy your needs. Here are several programs you may consider while choosing a good web video downloader.

1. Movavi Flash Converter

You can use Movavi Flash Converter to capture web videos. It can download videos from popular sites that deliver their content in FLV format. To record video with the help of this program, you should paste the link to that video into the program’s window to initiate the downloading process. This tool supports batch mode to save multiple videos simultaneously. You can also convert downloaded videos to other formats, such as AVI, MP4, MOV, WMA, etc.


2. VideoGet

One more software program for web video downloading is VideoGet. It is able to record video from such websites as YouTube, Dailymotion, MetaCafe, Yahoo Video, MySpace, and many others. The same as with Movavi Flash Converter, you need to copy the link to the video you want to download and add it to the program to start recording. Video conversion option is also available, as well as extracting audio to MP3 or WAV format. VideoGet also can download and convert several files at the same time to save your time.


3. RipTiger

In case you need to download online video video quickly and effortlessly, you can do it with the help of RipTiger. After you turn it on, RipTiger will record any video you watch on the web automatically preserving its original quality, regardless of the browser you use. If you like, you can paste your video URL directly to the RipTiger and it will download it equally well. And when the video is downloaded, you can convert it to a needed format to use with any compatible device. Thanks to the support of the batch mode, you can convert and download a lot of videos from various websites simultaneously, which also is very convenient. RipTiger supports web video downloading from all popular video sharing websites.


4. SoThink

You can also take a look at SoThink Web Video Downloader. This product has a free version, but its functionality is strictly limited, and if you want to enjoy it in full, you will need to upgrade to a paid edition. This program supports video downloading from popular websites and can convert FLV videos to other formats (paid version only). It doesn’t allow to add video URL manually and might be quite tricky to configure. Along with Windows, this program is compatible with Mac OS and Linux as well.



With such web video downloading and conversion software programs you will be able to enjoy any online videos whenever and wherever you like on any compatible device. Let us know if you have a better option than the above 4. If you don’t have a better one, let us know which one of these 4 is the best 🙂

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