Top 5 Best Fingerprint Scanner Apps For Android Mobiles

Android Smartphone have too many features to be included in the list of favorites. Fingerprint lock application is another in list. It is one of the best ways to get your phone secured. The Android phones coming now are outfitted with the fingerprint scanning lock screen. However the secret behind is that it is not the actual finger print scanning but you can anyways befool your friends.

This application is just to create a fun element among your friends. This application does not actually locks your Smartphone but helps you making your friends surprised and moreover they will stop fidgeting with your Smartphone.

All you need to know is a trick to unlock your Android Smartphone which will create an impression on your friends. You can however install this fingerprint lock application only if you have a Smartphone with Android 1.5 or more. This is absolutely free to download and easy to use. You can see many of the free fingerprint lock apps enlisted in the Android Market.

Below is a brief description of the free Android fingerprint lock apps :

1. Lockify Custom Lock Screens

This is a very different fingerprint lock application with many screensavers and wallpapers giving your screen a look as if locked with fingerprint. This application comes with some pictures and you can use anyone you like on your screen showing the fingerprint lock on your screen. Anybody who sees your android Smartphone screen will actually believe that the screen is locked with your fingerprint. It involuntarily protects your phone from other’s interference.



2. DataDefender

This application is particularly designed for the users of Motorola Atrix phone. There are built-in biometric sensors in this application which recognize your fingerprints and blocks other’s access on your phone. Thus all your important data is safely stored in your cell phone. Along with the finger print this application also has the PIN password protection for your phone. You can restrict the access for the application you want. Atrix phones take this application wonderfully.



3. Finger Scanner Lite

It is again a tricky app to befool your friends. It is so real and authentic looking application that anyone can believe that your phone is actually locked with your fingerprint and your phone is that futuristic. This application actually never recognizes any fingerprint and thus creates an impression of locked screen. Anybody trying to access your phone will surely believe that you have locked your phone with your fingerprints.



4. Fingerprint Screensaver

This is the best fingerprint lock app for you if you don’t have the Motorola Atrix Smartphone. It not actually locks your phone but create a delusion for anybody touching or trying to access your phone. They will actually think that your phone can scan the fingerprints. The application actually saves some of fingerprint samples asked while installation and when you scan your fingerprint it matches with it and unlock your screen.


5. Fingerprint Love Test

This application is a love test to calculate your partner and vice versa. When installed and used it asks for two names to be tested on. The application then scans the fingerprint and a set algorithm calculates the love percentage. The application further shows how the two persons are compatible to each other. This is again a fun application and nothing is genuine or logical.


These are a few out of the numerous fun filled applications in the Android Market which makes Android one of the best mobile operating software presently.

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