Top 5 Crazy iPhone Apps

There are iPhone apps for nearly every conceivable purpose. After all, there are roughly a half million of them currently available on the iTunes App Store. From social networking to education to games, developers seem to have covered the entire spectrum. We’ve seen the cell phone go from a communication tool to an app tool.

Of course, with so many available, it’s a given that a few of them would cause a little bit of confusion. Here we’ll look at five of the craziest apps we’ve come across. We’ll look at what they do, as well as who they might appeal to. Some of the apps even seem crazy at first, but turn out to be very useful!

5. iSteam

iSteam turns your iPhone or iPod into a steamy shower mirror. You can write on the screen using your fingertips, doodling or writing whatever you want to. Drawing on foggy glass is something everyone has done at some point. The app is just an example of a developer taking a very esoteric concept and bringing it to iOS in app form. You can even breathe on the phone, and as the microphone hears the breathing, it will fog the screen up accordingly. iSteam also lets you draw on the screen first, and then breathe on it to show what you’ve just drawn.

This is actually a very neat app. It’s just strange to see that a developer has put what appears to be a considerable amount of time and effort into creating such an app. It’s interesting for a few minutes, maybe hours, but soon you’ll find that it collects dust on your iOS home screen.

4. Designated Dialer

Designated Dialer is an app to protect users from their own bad ideas. Everyone has people in their contacts list that would probably best not be contacted in an inebriated state of mind. Designated dialer protects you from this whether this is your boss, an ex-lover or some other person that you’d like to have a word with. Just launch the app and block out the contacts before you start your night out. If you do try to contact them, Designated Dialer redirects you to a toll-free number reminding you of your decision not to call the people you’ve blocked. The next day, just launch the app again and unblock them.

3. Rotary Dialer

Rotary Dialer is a retro dialer for your iPhone. It goes way back beyond just adding the interface of an older cell phone or even an older landline phone. Instead, tt adds the interface of a rotary phone and allows you to dial out to any number. That’s it. It’s a neat-looking app, but ultimately it’s just a skin that accomplishes nothing that the stock dialer doesn’t. Rotary Dialer is a fun retro app to use once or twice, but it’s not an app that anyone will be using more than once or twice.

2. Zit Picker

Zit Picker is another app with a very niche audience. The name says it all: A face appears on the screen, and zits pop up on it along with a timer. In the given amount of time, your job is to pop as many zits as you can. Zit picker even allows you to import a photo of yourself or a friend. The app tracks scores and even maintains a list of the highest scorers, but we have a feeling you’ll have a hard time finding someone who wants to top your score.

1. Email ‘n Walk


This is an app that is crazy, but actually serves a highly useful function. Who hasn’t tried to walk and text or email at the same time? Your eyes have to constantly dart back and forth between the screen and your surroundings, making a typo or a collision something that is inevitable. With Email n’ Walk, your iPhone’s camera is used to load a background, with text fields appearing over it. This way, you can type an email while seeing straight through your iPhone to your surroundings.

For someone on the go, Email ‘n Walk can actually be a very valuable app to have. It shows that while there are a lot of crazy iPhone apps, they’re certainly not useless. Every app here, while strange, is sure to find its market. The apps here just go to show that, whether you want to draw on a window or pop zits, the iPhone and its infinite list of apps have you covered.

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