Top 5 Famous CMS Except of WordPress That You Should Try

WordPress is the best content management system used for blogging. It has lots of advantages, benefits and edges over other content management systems. This explains the reason why it is used by close to hundred percent of bloggers all over the world. Therefore wordpress has lots of user base and support. Besides, this blogging platform is user friendly, SEO friendly and has lots of plugin supports. Bloggers cannot do without wordpress because of these obvious advantages it offers besides being free. However, there are alternatives to wordpress that have been developed to compete with its technology and these are discussed below.

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This content management system (CMS) is similar to wordpress and has lots of plugin and theme supports. Below are the features of mov that make it very notable and top notch.

  • is an open source application.
  • It is free and therefore everyone can use it.
  • It has professional version with features adapted for business use.
  • has dashboard and custom field that promote easy workability.
  • The forums which are products of this CMS application offer full support.


Habari is another interesting content management system to work with and competes favorably as an alternative to wordpress. Below are features of this content management system.

  • It is an open source application and also free.
  • This application has modern theme support.
  • It also has lots of forum supports just like the
  • Habari has wonderful user base and also lots of plugin supports.

Cushycms is another wonderful content management system that differs from wordpress and also competes favorably with it.

  • Cushycms is very easy to install.
  • It is also free and supports electronic mails.
  • With this content management system, you can apply your own logo to your blog and also use your custom color.
  • Besides, the number of users that you can add to is unlimited making its scope to be very wide.

This is another content management system that is known for its obvious merits and advantages.

  • Flatpress does not need a database unlike other content management system.
  • It looks much like wordpress and you will think that you are in wordpress environment.
  • Flatpress has lots of plugin supports to itself.
  • It has lots of themes that are customizable. is a notable content management system that offers top notch advantages. It has edges over many other content management systems because of the technology backing it. Tomatocms is a product of new and improved technology built on the Zend, jQuery and 960grid system.

  • Just like other content management systems discussed above, tomatocms has lots of plugin supports to itself.
  • It also supports templates and therefore you can add your own forms of templates to the blog post.
  • You can use any language to write the blog post and make comments. It also have high performance with makes it top notch.
  • Last but not least, tomatocms is an SEO friendly content management system.

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