Top 5 Printing extensions for Google Chrome browser

Printing from your browser

Don’t you love it when you can edit and print anything with just one click in your Google Chrome browser? This is all possible only with chrome extensions. With printing extensions for Google Chrome, you can conveniently modify your web pages before you print them.

As you know with the most popular web browser, Google Chrome has many applications to use along with the browser and I think printing application is one of the important features for a browser. Usually if you want to print, you go to chrome options and click on print. This option doesn’t give you the flexibility to edit or format the webpage before printing.

Chrome extensions require less space and installs within few seconds. If you don’t like the extension, you can just remove it with one click. Any step involves a One-Click action! Some of these extensions save you a lot of ink and money when printing from the web.

Finding Chrome Extensions on your browser

To get started, go to your chrome settings on the top right corner and click on ‘Tools’ and then on ‘Extensions’. If you want to explore available extensions for your browser, click on ‘Get more Extensions’. Here you can find various extensions suitable for printing directly from your web page.

There are many printing web apps as well. But these will take more space than your extensions and slows down your browser speed.

Top 5 printing extensions for Google Chrome browser that actually work

1. Print

Print extension for Chrome browser

Print is a one-click printing extension used to print web pages, photos and pdf documents directly from your browser.
After installing this extension you’ll see this print icon at top right corner of your browser.

Print extension for Google Chrome Browser

This is a simple printing extension that prints a web page with just one-click. You don’t have the option of editing your web page but still is a good extension for printing web pages easily.


2. Print Friendly & PDF

Print friendly for chrome

Print Friendly & PDF is a very smart extension which removes unnecessary ads or banners before you print. It does all the work for you. You can edit before you print or save it as a pdf document. For instance, if you do not want any images in your document, you can remove them and print only the text. Isn’t this a great feature? Also you can remove any unwanted ads, text and other links before you print. You can also undo any changes on your web page or pdf.

Print friendly extension for Chrome


3. Print or PDF with CleanPrint

Print or PDF with CleanPrint for chrome

Print or PDF with CleanPrint is a similar extension like Print Friendly extension but has additional features. This extension is very user friendly and shows all the available options to edit before you print. Editing is more accurate in this extension than others. You can change the text size, delete text or images, remove ads and save these pages to Dropbox, Google drive or any other cloud storage provider.

Print with CleanPrint on Chrome

4. PrintWhatYouLike

PrintWhatYouLike extension helps to keep good parts of a web page and remove unnecessary text or ads. This extension has many easy editing options. You can re-size, auto format text, undo and redo and also change the font of the text. Added features include removing backgrounds and margins.

Print what you like extension for Chrome



5. Print Plus

Print Plus extension for Chrome

With PrintPlus, you can edit your web pages in a way that you won’t lose margins on that page. This extensions is very flexible that allows you customize and position your print margins. You can set the default margin size in the PrintPlus options.

Print Plus optionsDownload

Author Recommendation

After trying the above extensions, I recommend you to try CleanPrint extension. This is a very handy extension that edits your webpage very accurately compared to the other extensions. Please do not install all the available printing extensions as this slows down your browser’s speed and finally crashes your browser.

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