Top 8 Free Broken Link Checker Tools To Help you Fix Broken Links on Your Site


While link building is a tedious and time consuming task, what is drearier and more mind numbing is the task of finding out all the broken and dead links pointing to your website. Apart from being tedious to discover, broken links are disappointing and frustrating too for a reader who wants to spend some quality reading time on your blog or website.

There are more than one reasons why it is in your best interest to avoid the presence of broken links to your website. Once you identify such links, it is recommended that you take immediate steps either for their removal or to make them work once again. Some of the most acknowledged reasons are that they affect your website’s search engine performance, decrease the website’s value, very adversely affect user experience and too many broken links are also a sign of a mismanaged and weak site.

So if you are convinced about the negative impact of broken links on your website, would you not want to fix broken links and dead links? Check the list of free broken link checker tools to make your task easier.

1. Broken Link Checker

This is a fast and easy to use link checker tool. This enables you to get hold of both internal and external broken links in your website or blog. Apart from just letting you know the broken links, which it presents to you in the form of a description, it also checks your CSS and image links for any damage.

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2. 2bone Link Checker

This tool gives you two options to choose from while working with it. The first one is called “Express lane” and the second is “I can wait”. On choosing Express lane, you get quick results and 10 results per page are displayed. In case you choose to go with “I can wait” service, it will take little time to give you results and it displays all results in a single page, unlike Express lane.


3. Link Tiger

The most liked thing about this free broken link detector is that it notifies you via an e-mail every time it comes across a broken link to your website. This tool however, has an upper capping of checking 100 broken links per week for free.


4. iWeb Tools Broken Link Checker

This tool is known for being fast and for the clean output results interface that it provides. This tool not only checks internal and external broken links, but also Image, CSS, Java script, Feeds and XML links. The free version of this tool only grants you 10 requests everyday. For more such credits, you need to have a paid account.


5. Link Checker from Submit Express

This tool is also fast when it comes to displaying results and is fairly simple to use also. This tool notifies you with a green arrow in the case of a healthy link and a rd exclamation mark if the link is broken or dead.


6. Website Goodies Broken Link Checker

This is a wonder tool to test a broken link and it comes for free. It displays your link’s HTTP status code along with broken and dead links result. This becomes a huge plus point if you want to check your website’s broken links online.


7. Addme’s Broken Link Checker

This is another such tool that gives you a result of your broken and dead links. It analyses your broken links and mails you. It not only gives information on broken or dead links, but also additional information like description or title of that link or page.


8. Xenu Link Sleuth

This free broken link checker is a basic tool designed particularly to detect and report broken links only. The absence of other ornamental features makes it very fast and devoid of any irrelevant data. This only has the free version and is completely configurable. It has a host of advanced features like allowing you to include or exclude URLs and directories from your analysis. You can also configure it to notify you on completion of such analysis.

The immense damage that a broken link causes to your website is something that is known by one and all. It is in your best interest as a website owner to have a detail of broken or dead links pointing to your website for a quick removal or repair of those links. Armed with these 8 tools that hunt for broken or dead links and present you their details as vividly as possible, you are knowledgeable enough to track a dead link and hunt it down.


Author Bio: Bernard Naylor is an Online Manager for CJ Pony Parts – one of the Top Mustang parts and accessories retailers in the world. He also likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation tips and tricks.

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