Top Commentators Award April, 2011

top commentators awardThis is the first Top Commentators Award which we are giving. And I am happy to say that we received 132 comments in the last month though I gave only 10 posts 😛

The winners of the Top Commentators Award are Sandeep Yadav who owns TechFeb and Abhishek Kumar who owns Loudable. is a technology portal giving updates on Internet, Gadgets, tablets, laptops and more with some hacking tips and tricks just like BlogoTech. is a blog where you can find latest happening things in India. Everything related to Indian sports, Indian goods price, politics, travel , health, entertainment, Recruitment Software and more.

My sincere wishes and congratulations to both of them who commented on this Blog. Please send your 125*125 banners to lalitindoria [at] blogotechblog [dot] com which will be placed in the sidebar.

If you wish to participate in this contest, you can subscribe to BlogoTech for latest updates and be the first one to comment on a particular post!

8 thoughts on “Top Commentators Award April, 2011”

  1. Thanks a lot Lalit, I really appreciate this a lot.. I really enjoyed commenting on your blog a lot.. Hope to get another ad slot in future too… 🙂

  2. Congratulations to the winners. It’s really nice to comment to your blog, I like your articles and your points of view about some subjects.

  3. Thanks Lalit for this award. Award does not matter if your write best or knowledge base articles because if you write good articles users must appreciate your work via comment. 🙂


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