Top Facebook Mobile Applications for Android

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks with over a billion users worldwide. Nowadays, some regular Facebook users will frequently be on Facebook throughout the day, checking their friends’ statuses, making their own status, uploading photos, or sometimes even just playing some games.

With the immense popularity of Facebook, it is not surprising that Facebook application developers are kept very busy coming up with new Facebook apps that will keep user engagement high. Also, a lot of people often check on their Facebook even while they are on the go by having Facebook on their mobile devices.

Because of the demand to have Facebook access almost anywhere, Facebook mobile apps are among the most popular apps in the market. Below are some of these apps for Android that will surely be recommended by even the best mobile app developer.

  • FriendCaster. This Facebook mobile app is loaded with more features and capabilities than the default Facebook application. You can edit photos and add effects to the photos. You can also easily add or remove friends, view events and group, and put dark or light themes. From the makers of Tweetcaster for Twitter and BaconReader for Reddit, this is a full Facebook app and is a great alternative for those having problems with the official Facebook app.

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