Top Five Online Resources to Host your Personal Blog for Free

Everybody has got experiences and opinions, joys and sorrows, problems and solutions, questions and answers that they would like to share with the likeminded people, and usually we do that with our friends or family members. But there are times (and some issues) when we feel like reaching out to a lot more people, hence we try to find a bigger and better platform, that will enable us to reach a lot more people, and seek their opinions, experiences, advice, or simply try to connect with them, and blogging is an ideal platform to do exactly that.

I have been getting a little irritated with so much talk about making money via blogging, because blogging has got a lot more to offer, especially if you are writing your heart out instead of confining yourself to some money-spinning topics. Having your own blog, where you can write about everyday experiences, your likes and dislikes, your joys and sorrows, will provide you with a much needed catharsis. You might not earn anything out of this blog but the advice, encouragement, or admiration coming from your readers will be well worth the efforts. And unlike commercial blogging that requires some investment like purchasing domain, hosting (e.g. westhost or anhosting), or Internet marketing, you don’t really need to spend anything for a personal blog, so you shouldn’t be losing anything at all.

If you are looking to start your personal blog, you can simply choose one of the following five resources and start blogging right away.

Originally launched by Pyra Labs, blogger was acquired by none other than “the Big G” itself in 2003, and from that day onwards, it has grown into one of the most commonly used platforms for blogging. You can go to and initiate your own blog in a matter of seconds. The best part is, you can get a custom domain and direct your blog to that domain to make it even more personal.

WordPress is probably the best thing on Internet that has happened for bloggers having little or no technical knowledge of web development or web designing. In addition to the readymade script that you can download and install on your own server, you can simply head on to and start a blog right now, in case you are looking for a simple blog to share your thoughts on just about any topics without a focus on making money (not that they have any problem with bloggers looking to make money). is totally free; however, if you are looking to use a custom domain, you will have to pay a small fee.

While not so popular or as commonly used as blogger or, is likely to become a mainstream blogging platform, especially after its acquisition by none other than the Twitter. It allows the users to create an account for free, you can even have your own custom domain, and the best part is you can simply email your post to their servers, and it will get published on your blog, saving you from the hassle of logging in and doing the editing and all.

Another blogging platform that is occupied mostly by the teenagers, at least that is what I have felt while browsing through the website. has a very strong community and one great feature is the questions section, where questions are submitted by users that you can use to get an idea for a blog post. offers both free and premium packages for people looking to have a personal blog. You can create a personal blog, choose from a range of different themes or widgets, use Google Analytics, create polls, and share your blog at different social networks. For a small fee, you can get even more storage, and remove the ads from your blog that will be shown in case you have opted for the free package.

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