Toshiba Thrive 7 Light Weight Android Tablet [Features]

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Android’s at it again and this time with a newer, smaller, better connected tablet that’s expected to hit the shelves in December. The Thrive 7 tablet features a brilliant touch display that’s only 7”, but displays gorgeous hi-resolution screens. It weighs next to nothing, coming un under one pound and has a string of features to optimize your experience.

Carl Pinto, who is the vice president of product development at Toshiba says it’s the first 7-inch touch display tablet to have true HD display. Add to that the variety of entertainment-optimized features, a host of ports to use and exceptional audio and you have a powerful, fun tablet that will likely be hard for the tablet competition to beat. Just what kind of features are we talking about? Glad you asked!

Lightweight & compact

Thrive 7 imageLike I said, it weighs less than a pound. Exactly, it weighs .88 pounds. It’s skinny enough to comfortably fit into pretty much any bag, but most tablets are – right? The Thrive 7 stands out though with its slip-resistant easy grip finish that Toshiba is known for. It’s very easy to use while on-the-go.

HD Entertainment Baby!

Its multi-touch display is powered by LED backlit AutoBrite. Games, movies and photos spring to life thanks to an amazing 1280×800 HD display which makes it good for entertainment. It’s also equipped with Toshiba’s own Adaptive Display & Resolution video enhancement. If music is your thing then you’ll love the rich sound it delivers through the stereo speakers.

Compatibility & Ease of Use

You’ll be able to easily keep track of all your files and media with Toshiba’s file manager utility. Plus it comes with plenty of ports to make syncing easy, including one for Micro HDMI, Mini USB and Micro SD.

The Thrive 7 supports Adobe Flash, so the sky is the limit. Since it’s so easy to handle on-the-go it could easily become the favorite among those who frequently travel or are away from a lot during the day. So thank goodness you’ll be able to take advantage of maps, integrated GPS, location based apps and of course- all the Google Mobile Service apps.

Connection should be a breeze with both WiFi and Bluetooth available.

Gaming on Thrive 7

Gamers are likely to fall in love… Not only does it have NVIDIA GeForce graphics and an integrated Gyroscope, but it’s got the power of a dual core processor and the NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform to deliver stunning game performance.

Other Fun Features

You’ll be able to get the Thrive 7 in either 16GB or 32GB. Of course, it also has dual cameras. The back camera is five megapixels with an LED flash. The front camera facing you is only two megapixels, but that’s fine for video chatting.

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