3 Ways I Use Contests to Drive Traffic to My Coupon Blog

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I have been studying the top ways to generate traffic to a blog in an attempt to double the traffic to my nutrisystem and medifast coupon blog over the years and in the process I have read a lot of tips. Like many of you would have expected, most of the tips I read about didn’t give me any results but one particular method brought me great results. That particular method is running contests.

There are various ways you can run contests and in most cases you don’t even have to be rich to successfully launch a viral contest. You just have to have the right offer and the right approach and you will be able to get a lot more traffic on the long run. Below are some of my favorite tactics for using contests to generate traffic to my medifast and nutrisystem coupon blog.

I sponsor contests

One of my favorite tricks to getting more people to discover my blog is by sponsoring contests. One thing I have noticed online is that when most people run contests they tell the contestants to write about it on their blog and include a link back to all the contestants. By sponsoring the right contest I will be able to get a lot of people that blog about it to link back to my blog and in the end I will be able to get a lot of traffic and quality links back to my blog.

For this approach to work you often need to sponsor the right contests – but sponsoring 4-5 contests in one month alone can bring about a great increase to the amount of traffic you will be getting on the long run.

I organize contests on my blog

blog contestsAnother great tactic that has been very effective for me aside from sponsoring contests on other people’s blogs is to organized contests on my blog. This technique can be quite effective in that you will be able to get a lot of people to participate in the contest, spread the word about it and tell others about your contest. On the long run you will have gotten a lot more traffic than you anticipated.

Organizing contests on your blog can be quite effective when compared to sponsoring contests in that you get a lot more attention than the sponsors. If you don’t have the money to organize the contest you can get other people to sponsor your contest in exchange for exposure.

I Leverage viral campaigns

The final technique I use is to leverage viral campaigns and special days to my advantage. For example, the Black Friday is a holiday that is widely celebrated in the US and the Christmas holiday is widely celebrated worldwide. All you need to do is create a special contest for the days within a special period and get a lot of people to participate quickly in exchange for a gift or coupon after the holiday. You will be able to get a lot of interest that way.

These are the 3 ways I use Contests for traffic generation. What are yours? Do mention them in your comments below 🙂

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John of WeightLossTriumph has been studying the effect of contests and freebies on readers for years now and he is always happy to share his results with other bloggers. He gives coupons and discounts codes for medically studied weight loss programs like Medifast and Nutrisystem, given that his site focuses on losing weight safely. In order to grow his diet blog, John has used a number of techniques including the ones mentioned above, like sponsoring contests.

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