HOW TO Use Facebook At Work Without Being Caught

Using Facebook at work might be the toughest task for you. But you might be in a situation where you need to talk to someone on Facebook, check the comments on your pics or status update or just chat with your friends :P. Your Boss might be wandering around in the office hence preventing you from using Facebook. But here is a trick to use Facebook at work without being caught.

Excellbook is an app which allows you to use Facebook in an Excel Spreadsheet. This app hooks up with your Facebook Account using Facebook Connect and allows you to update your status, like and comment on posts and also chat with your Facebook friends. The app looks like an Excel Spreadsheet but has all your facebook content within it. You must have Adobe AIR installed to use it. I gave this app a try and here are a few screenshots of how it worked out for me 😛

You can view the News Feed, your Wall and Chat options at the end where you are supposed to view different sheets in Excel.

News Feed:

News Feed
Chat: [Click to Enlarge]

Facebook Chat

Looks Funny, LOL! I hope this would be useful for many professionals reading this 😛

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