Why I use Google Alerts for Social Media

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Among all the tools that are designed by Google, Google alert is perhaps the most useful one. It makes easier for the person to organize and manage emails in the inbox. It saves the headache of going through all the alerts one by one which is not only time consuming but also extremely tiring. It is important for the user to organize the alerts in a correct way from the start because otherwise you will have difficulty finding out the desired emails later on.

There is a particular tool called Google alerts syntax. It helps organize the alerts by placing these signs between the keywords. These symbols may be:

  • +
  • Or
  • Not

For instance if we put + syntax in between the keywords Obama and policies to make Obama + policies Google alert will filter all emails other than those that have these keywords which is definitely more convenient for us.

Tips that you can use for Google Alerts

There is another important tip for easy access to the Google alerts and that is to set up a Gmail account exclusively for the purpose of alerts. It prevents other important mails from becoming messed up with the alerts. It will also take you more time to sort out important mails from hundreds of alerts. Therefore you should have one Gmail account for the alerts and other one for businesses and office work.

The alerts can also be easily arranged according to a time frame. For instance if you want to receive an alert from a person in a particular time i.e. once or twice a week, you will receive Google alerts for that time frame in which you want to use them.

Google Alerts Options

Google puts the ease and comfort of the users first. For this reason it gives them the option to select the type of alerts they want to receive i.e. everything, news, blogs, videos and discussion. When you click on videos you will only receive video alerts and news will provide you with news alerts but if you go for everything then you will continue receiving random Google alerts. You need to be absolutely sure about what you want from your alerts and then set them accordingly. Google alerts can also be read using Google reader but first alerts need to go to RSS feed.

All these factors contribute towards strengthening the social circle of the user as well. Google alerts include the notifications as well. There are vanity alerts that notify you about other people’s blog hence making it easier to comment on some important blogs. Google alerts also notify you when some other person mentions your name or the name of your company.

Google alerts also help keep check on intellectual theft and immediately inform the person of plagiarism as soon as some person borrows the content from your blog or even tries to duplicate it into his own blog.

Therefore Google alert is a useful way of keeping track of the developments of others social activities as well as your own.

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