5 Utilities & Apps To Help You With Your Domain DNS & WHOIS

Taking advantage of the scandal caused by the boycott GoDaddy and support for the controversial proposal SOUP, I decided to collect 5 utilities DNS and Whois to help you, or to obtain information about a particular site or clarify details of your own domains, you have migrated or not.

1. namebench

This is a utility-hosted Google Code which allows us to find the fastest DNS servers . What we get in return? Well, obviously, a better Internet browsing, faster and instantaneous based on the minimum that will take forever to resolve domain names.

DNS Benchmarking

To function namebench compares our current server with others, giving a quick look at those that are reliable even faster than ours. The results are displayed as a percentage, a figure that indicates how fast it is compared. The application is also available for Windows, Linux or Mac, so it becomes a tool to test whether the system in which we work.

2. dnsenum

Another project, this time with GNU license, which despite not having an activity higher than what we would like, if it offers a good lot of tools to gather all possible information about a site or domain . We can now perform, among others, the following actions:

  • Get the host address and DNS providers
  • Getting MX records
  • Querying axfr DNS providers directly
  • Obtaining alternative domain names and subdomain through Google or by brute force

Your license type and the philosophy of the project, also hosted on Google Code, makes it ideal if we bring our own ideas or solve any of the bugs that have the current version.

3. eWhois

eWhois is a service that performs a reverse lookup on the site of your choice in order to obtain data such as company registered domains or other important information that will help us to investigate their owner. Its use is really simple, just enter a web address. Quickly obtain additional data such as the list of partner sites, the PageRank and various rankings further, the last time you updated the site or even the identification of Google Analytics account.

Although undoubtedly the strong and the main idea is to use reverse lookup eWhois. By doing a little test, if you introduce the web site address will discover other data & Science, which in this network of blogs is obvious but at other times may not be.

4. WhoIsHostingThis?

Who is hosting this? This service is a good idea at the time of knowing that company hosts a particular site . The reason to know may be many, although it may be ideal to find hostingbased on the quality of the accommodation of our favorite places.

Use it again very simple, and simply enter the URI of the site you want to check if we show the data from the company hosting , IP address or the name servers used. From the same page we have a series of hits that we also provide additional information and data that provides a traditional WHOIS.

5. By Domain IP

This service allows us to list the websites that are accessible under the same IP address in order to know which sites share accommodation , or accommodation if sites share what we do is look up information about a site that is not ours.

Such tools are ever conducive to leak details of the companies launching a new service, either through forgetfulness or deliberately, to create speculation or see the reception that has a certain domain name.

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