Visual Ads Or Text Ads: Which Is The Most Suitable For Social Media Marketing?

Advertisers are nowadays able to promote their products and services by using social media marketing networks to advertise them. Consequently, people who visit these networks are able to access them easily. Internet users did not have reason to debate anything in the initial stages of its invention with regard to the use of visual ads and text ads on social marketing networks. However, owing to the different features of these concepts, people across the world began to distinguish them when the Internet became increasingly popular.


These advertising mediums are extremely effective for social media marketing networks. For this reason, they have become an attractive option for entrepreneurs who invest in online advertising. People can now select the most appropriate advertisement packages for their businesses for Text Ads, SEO services, PPC campaigns and link building assistance because they are easily available on these websites. However, they should first have sufficient information about text ads and visual ads as well as their advantages before choosing any type of method for advertising their products and services.

Useful information about Visual Advertisements

A few years ago, many people used to promote their websites or online businesses by using Visual ads because they considered them the best tools for marketing themselves. These ads, which look like the previous popular TV ads, have an appearance that is easy to notice on the internet owing to their multiple colors hence, their prominence. As compared to other online advertisement mediums, these ads are the most widely viewed and in effect, they enable advertisers to attract many visitors to their websites. In order to make them a success, visual advertisers spend a lot of money but unfortunately, they had to reevaluate the advertising concept and especially the use of these ads on their websites because they were ineffective.

Advantages of visual ads

  • Visual ads, which enable viewers to get a better overview of various products and services by making them more visible, enable businesses to popularize their names and logos on the internet by helping them to brand themselves.
  • Visual  ads do not only lure  people to visit the various social media marketing sites owing to their attractive nature but they also provide useful information about individual businesses as well as their products and services in a clear and perfect way.
  • Visual ads enable visitors to the various marketing and social networking sites to view them curiously thanks to their tempting nature.

Disadvantages of visual ads

  • The individual units of visual ads contain only one ad and hence, they constrain the visitors of the various marketing and social networking sites.

Useful facts about text Advertisements

Just like visual ads, text ads, which enable visitors of the various social media marketing networks to reach them by providing them with a link, have become extremely popular on the internet. These ads, which are a type of visual ads on other people’s websites, can only be popular among the visitors of the aforementioned networks if they have a surety for downloading them from these social media marketing networks.

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