So You Want To Be A Professional Blogger, What’s Your First Step?

The web is ever-evolving, and with that comes a whole host of brand new creative career opportunities, and with 69 percent of all entrepreneurs starting their businesses from home, the Internet is probably their most valuable tool for making those all-important sales. From writers to designers to the lowly Mom & Pop Shop, the web has changed the way we work and do business globally.

So You Want To Be A Professional Blogger

One of the most prolific innovations in cyberspace is the invention of the blog. Blogs allow people to discuss ideas, market services, or just have a good old-fashioned rant. What about you?  Are you a blogophile? If so, then perhaps the big question for you is how to convert your love of blogging into cash! Following are a few tips to help launch your career as a professional blogger.

 1) Write every single day

Writing is like a muscle — without regular exercise, you’ll never become strong. Writing every day will build up your portfolio of pieces so you’ll have samples for potential clients and customers to show your particular style. Be sure to “merchandize” your writing by using social media sites to share your pieces with the world. Broadcasting on Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon and Google+ allows others to see what you do, and it gets your name out there in the blogosphere.

 2) Build up your web presence

A professional website shows that you’re serious about what you do and can offer a quality product. This also becomes a home for your online portfolio and those all-important customer comments on your work. Be sure to make it clear what you do, such as web content, blogging, or professional press releases. If you’re unclear about what to write or the “nature” of your web presence, consider investing a little time and money into a career coach. Peruse a Noomii career coach directory for the perfect match–someone who can help transform your blogging dreams into a viable business plan.

 3) Identify your strengths and approach potential customers accordingly

Specializing in certain types of writing can help you to become an industry expert in certain areas. For example, if you love writing about food, try approaching local restaurants and catering companies and offer a made-to-order blogging service for their website. Blogging is an excellent way to increase web traffic to their cyber portal, the happy result of which is that new customers will beat a path to their door.

 4) Build a regular portfolio of clients

When you become a professional blogger, you can also act as a consultant to meet your clients’ specific blogging needs. Studies have show that ensuring there’s fresh content on a blog is very important, and many industry experts suggest blogging at least twice a week to get a maximum return. This also helps to set up regular, weekly business.

 5) Stay on top of trends

With every new Google release comes a whole slew of changes for professional bloggers and content wranglers. Staying on top of new blogging trends and SEO tips and tricks ensures that you’re at the top of your game and your customers will feel the benefit.

With home-based businesses on the rise, the web is the world’s marketplace and every business needs excellent content and copy. With a little legwork, your portfolio will improve every day and you’ll be able to woo those important clients right to your cyber-door.

About Author: Professional blogger LaGeris Underwood Bell hopes these tips will smooth the way for aspiring bloggers to hit the digital ground running. When the information super highway seems too broad and overwhelming, she urges them to do what she did–find a coach! The Noomii career coach directory is a great place  to find someone who can work closely with you and prepare you to make that great launch into the blogosphere.

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