HOW TO Watch Free Internet Satellite TV on Your Computer

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Do you know that every day the number of people watching the TV is reducing significantly? The major reason for this is because a lot of people are finding TV access too expensive while also delivering less than it is supposed to.

The great thing in a situation like this is the advent of free satellite TV PC. This means you can now watch your favorite TV stations for free on your computer for free at the comfort of your home. This article will be giving you some insights into how to can watch free satellite TV on our PC.

Do You Really Need a TV on Your PC?

You might be confused as to whether you need a TV on your computer but below are some of the main advantages of using a free satellite TV on your computer.

You Have Nothing to Lose: Most satellite PC TV software (especially the ones I will be recommending below) are free and this means you don’t have to pay for a TV you won’t be watching. For example, some people pay hundreds of dollars every month just for their cable television and the reality is that they hardly watch up to 10% of the channels they have in a month and some of them even find it to watch the TV everyday so they’re losing a lot of money on the table. With a satellite PC TV you have nothing to lose because you won’t be paying anything to download the software or for subscription and you can easily watch any channel you want whenever you want to.

More Channels than Your Cable TV Will Ever Provide: I’m currently subscribed to two cable TV services in my home and the first one only provides 46 channels while the other one provides around 150 channels. When I started using my computer to watch the TV I was able to get thousands of channels – there are countless channels that I have been wanting to watch but is not provided by my cable TV and I was able to solve this problem with the help of my PC TV.

Now that you know the major reasons why you need a satellite TV below are the two favorite PC TV software I use on my computer.

1. JLC Internet TV


My favorite software for watching free TV on my computer is the JLC Internet TV software provided by the JLC Team. This TV software has been in existence for years now and it is always increasing in channels and effectiveness. It has a little over 2000 channels when I first started using it but it now has close to 5000 channels. It also has options to allow you remove a channel that isn’t working or to add a channel that you think is working perfectly but isn’t currently in the database. The software to install on your computer is very light and only a few hundred kilobytes and once you open it for the first time it will download all the channels from the JLC database and you’re ready to go.

2. ProgDVB Internet TV Software


Another great satellite PC TV software I love, ProgDVB is a very great and effective software you can install on your computer to start watching free satellite TV. The software is very great and also has the option to let you select the channels you want to watch based on the location. ProgDVB displays channels in a crystal clear way and it also requires Microsoft .net framework to work.

ProgDVB currently has a shareware and a freeware – and you can easily try the freeware for sometimes to see if you love it. But if you want more features aside the ones that came with the freeware you can easily purchase the shareware version for a measly sum.

3. LiveStation


Livestation is another great software you can install on your computer to watch free TV on your PC. It comes with few channels compared to the other two software listed above but it is more robust and reliable. It also has an option for you to watch free TV online and its software supports both Windows and Macintosh.

4. DovyWeb

Unlike all the other software mentioned above Dovyweb is simply a website that allows you to watch your favorite TV channels for free online. It makes effective use of the internet and is completely free. It also has some great and popular channels like FOX channel. It is also completely free.

Online streaming has become very popular. There are many services available over the internet such as LOVEFiLM, Youtube and Netflix UK. If you are a huge tv buff and you are looking to sign up to a service then make sure you pick the deal best for you.

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