What is MoinCoin (MOIN)?

Moin cryptocurrency is a digital currency run by a consummate group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a passion for technology and design.

It is not well known so its capitalization is very low compared to the top 100 of cryptocurrencies.


The average price of Moin is 0.0826983 USD and 0.00001004 BTC. The movement of value and price of MOIN is different in the USD and BTC markets.


Moin market capitalization in US dollars is calculated by multiplying the price of a single Moin with the available supply.

The trade volume of this currency was 77 USD in the last 24 hours with a circulating supply of 7,739,648 MOIN.


The developers are using pseudonyms, which is rarely a good sign, as far as you know, this could be done by a group of people without a true corporate and programming experience.

How to start mining?

The first thing you should do is get a Moin wallet, because it is an internet based currency and you need a place to store what you buy.

Once you have a purse, make sure you get the address of it. This is a very extensive string of letters and also numbers. So in case you want to earn Moin coins, you probably need to join a mining group. Then, obtain a mining program for your computer and you will be almost ready, you will need a mining client that will be running on your device to supervise your mining equipment.

Lastly, you can start mining. Connect your miner to an outlet and hopefully the process will run without failures.

Is it better to just buy the coins?

Maybe it would be more profitable for you if you only buy the Moin coins with the money you plan to spend in mining. Many times, buying the currency will produce a greater return on mining investment.

Opportunities and dangers of mining

The Moin cryptocurrency is based on “blockchain” technology. The chain is not advised by any central authority, but by a large network of computers that verify the information stored.

Returning to Moin, the cryptocurrency originates through mining processes in which miners compete to solve complex problems through devices that run algorithms.

Of course, the reward for the winning miner is granted in Moin, considering that the value is not that high.

Invest in Moin

Cryptocurrencies are currently considered one of the best investment methods to increase wealth, the alarming decrease in currencies makes many people consider it a better way to cover money.

The technology behind the Moin coin is not that advanced, it offers a digital currency that can be used regardless of where you reside in the world, unless a government decides to take possession, of course.

Legal aspects

Not all countries have officially recognized this digital currency as a currency yet. So it may seem complicated to open a portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

If some of your income is in these currencies, you may face difficulties in filing taxes, since most governments already know what actions they could take in this regard.

Currency or raw material?

Moin cryptocurrencies can be considered as an alternative to traditional currencies, but they are really seen as a totally conventional payment solution.

It is true that its validity as a method of payment is fundamental to its value, this currency is usually more like raw materials.

What is blockchain?

The blockchain or chain of blocks is a digitalized book that registers the transactions of the users.

The information that is recorded in the chain of blocks is stored in millions of devices and is available to everyone.

This makes the problem transparent, once the data is recorded and verified, it can no longer be edited or modified.

To conclude, keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are just one of the various platforms used by blockchain technology.

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