What To Expect From Ubiquitous Ultrabooks In 2012?

Ultrabooks are the hot and new sensational models in the world of laptops. They are a new class of laptop that are stuffed with features and are considered to be the thinnest among all laptops. Every laptop manufacturer is heading towards this race to come up with world’s slimmest and light weight laptop. Intel has been the frontrunner in devising the plans and specifications for such ultrabooks. The new generation laptop users can get these specifications under $1000 price wagon. Apple MacBook Air was considered to be the king of ultrathin laptops so far. The Windows powered ultrabooks will offer a tough competition to the Apple’s MacBook.

Striking Features:

UltrabooksSo what is that grabs your attention to the core? These notebook computers are built to deliver best in class performance standards, built in security features with higher responsive rate, light in weight, and sleek designs. They offer better computing standards and define a new standard in the mode of delivery of services to the end users. The processors are faster and better. They are equipped with better RAM, larger screen size and better storage medium. The complete system is designed to be highly batter efficient which will utilize low voltage processors. It uses a technology called “Rapid Start” which will make use of the flash storage embedded in the motherboard of the system to speed up the booting process.

Why Should You Have One?

The sleek and swanky design will grab your attention and you will be a proud owner of an ultrabook computer.

The convenient design makes it very appealing. They can be transported very easily as they are light in weight.

It has a better computing process rate which sets new standards in the world of computing.

Though the features offered are so high class in terms of service, the laptops are still sold under the price tag of $1000. This proves to be an economical and viable solution for students and working professionals.

Additional Features And Super Specialty Functions:

They are powered by Windows operating system. They offer the extra functionalities of the tablets such as stay connected to Wi-Fi mediums, solid state drives, instant activation, longer battery life etc. The future ultrabooks are expected to be touch sensitive and people need not wait for a longer period of time to exercise these functionalities.

In-Built Security Systems:

The Ultrabook laptops come with firmware application that will employ the features of Intel’s Anti-Theft Technology and Identity Protection Technology. These systems are run on the Intel’s third generation core processors which are superior and are expected to deliver greater performance. The “Haswell” processors are designed to give better battery efficiency and faster graphics processing system.

Thin, light weight Ultrabooks are going to be the future of laptops. This will certainly revolutionalize and change the behavior pattern of a normal laptop user. Are you geared up to have your own Ultrabook computer now? If so, what are you waiting for?

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