Why Google Currents is the Best App for Android, iPad and iPhone

Technology Makes the World Go Round

The world today is more technologically advanced than we could have even imagined twenty years ago. Our grandparents couldn’t have imagined such devices that we carry with us everywhere and that keep us connected to someone across the globe with the click of a button. Technology also means that we learn the latest news as it happens across the globe instantly. It is technology that we can pick up a device that we call ‘mobile’ and dial a number and talk to someone sitting thousands of miles away from us. All you need is a broadband connection, with some even offering a free laptop; information at Broadband Expert is available for comparison.

This is a technologically advanced world with the best technology products finally affordable for almost every class of the economy. It is in fact technology that makes the world seem so small to us.

Google Currents

Google CurrentsInstant communication and high speed internet connection means that we have access to the latest news, celebrity gossip, weather updates and so much more. With our lives so busy and in the aim to move ahead we need to stay connected with our work acquaintances and social circle. If you have a good mobile broadband, it all becomes easier with packages.

With the introduction of smartphones and tablet computers everything is at our fingertips making staying connected with everyone almost as easy as one, two and three. Now this is where ‘Google Currents’ comes in the picture with the tablet computers and smartphones. It is an application made for Android, iPad and iPhone to make exploring of online magazines, news and other content extremely easy. But the question is what makes it the best new reader and feed aggregator for Android, iPad and iPhone among thousands of others that are available online?

Using the Power of ‘Google’

Google is the world’s biggest search engine holding an 80% market share. Whether you want to search for an address, for a Thai restaurant in your area, research for scholarly articles or keep up with the latest news across the globe, Google is the fastest and the most extensive search engine available on the World Wide Web. So naturally any user would expect Google Currents to be up to the mark. The best part about Google Currents is that it delivers digital publication to your Android, iPhone or iPad in a format that resembles a magazine.

Free Subscription

The application gives free subscription to premium magazines like Huffington Post, Techcrunch, CNET and Forbes. Of course, this isn’t something that your regular mobile broadband won’t be able to provide you with the mobile connection because all these publishers have online sites. The Google Currents application streamlines the ‘Publisher’s Editions’ with relevant articles, live maps, media streaming, etc.

Interface & Additional Features

The application has a simple interface that is easy to use and navigate. All you need to do is sign in to your Google account and you are all set to use it. The screen is divided into two parts horizontally. The upper half has the media and latest stories, the bottom half has your trending topics and library. The application has a complete magazine-like look and feel which sets it apart from other apps.

There is an additional feature that is called ‘Trends’. Google Currents will let you sign up for this feature and it will send you 5 editions of the hottest trending stories in various areas like entertainment, sports, business and health. You can also convert the blogs you have subscribed to in a magazine, and then you can read it offline when you are free and relaxing.

‘Trends’ Section

Of course, the application is very much influenced by Google; it is their application after all. But that is where the trending section comes in. It will allow you to not only access various stories, but once you open up those stories you also get access to various stories coming in from different publishers. It uses your preferred links and history to link to stories that will definitely be of your interest.


Google Currents is definitely a step-ahead of the other mobile apps with a real magazine-like feel to it. And if you have a good mobile broadband service then it would be very quick for you to download the content in an instant. But on the other hand it falls short of its integration with social networks. It is only integrated with Google+. While on one hand it may be promoting Google+, it is definitely a set-back for this otherwise very good application.

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