Will Smartphone Application Development Get a Boost with the Latest Google Plus Update?

There was a time when people have tagged Google Plus as a flop and have written it off. People believed it to be simply another social networking platform where you could join a group of friends and share photos, status updates, and messages with each other. But it was still in the overall development plan of it with much more to it.

True, there’s a social media aspect to it, but it is really Google in a different form integrating all the different Google products to a single platform providing the smartphone application development carried out in India and across the globe a tremendous boost to explore it from a different perspective. Its recent update proves that it is all set to provide the users an awesome user experience with as many as 24 updates for the latest Android app version and it is fast picking up pace covering a huge mass. It has incredible potential that the smartphone application developers can leverage upon.


How to Leverage the Benefits?

  • The new Android app has a great photo capabilities which can be best utilized for improving your business. The new feature includes a 5 GB free cloud storage space where you can take backup of your full-size pictures taken on Android devices. Not to mention the unlimited free backup space offered for pictures of 2048 px resolution or below. This means that you can now add more pictures and videos related to your products or services to cover more people in your circle and send the message across to a larger audience. Uploading and sharing is quite easy. Simply by turning the Instant Upload on, you can do so to upload all the recent photos to the album on Google Plus app developed for your Android smartphone.
  • Another great feature is the Hangout where you can connect with your friends who are in the awfully remote areas where the bandwidth is as low as 150 kbps. This feature is very useful for those who could be part of the hangout see everything of a party that you could not attend and keep in touch with your circles. The new Android app also enables the users running their devices on Android 2.2 or later to view photospheres; the panoramic shots that were introduced with the latest Jelly Bean update. Some other important updates include Google Now birthday reminders for the Android version.
  • Besides, Google has renamed some other features like Circles is now Find People which is what Google wants the people to do on the web i.e. to find friends in order to better connect by sharing your interests. You can invite people to join your networks according to your earlier and present education, service, etc which will help you quickly build and categorize your circles easily. This will also give each of your circles a home base wherein you can post exciting photos, videos, describe an event or its planning, etc. to each of the circle or group and all these from your smartphone application! Exploring all these features from an Android application is much easier and gives you better access to them.
  • The new Google Plus is loaded with another great feature called Sparks which is quite amazing as it looks for articles and stories on the web based upon your interest and brings them to your stream. It has now been combined with the new search option and is not planned so importantly as before.
  • Another pretty helpful new feature is the functionality to download all photos from any Google Plus happening. Earlier you could download just a single photo at a time which was a tediously lengthy process. But with this functionality added, downloading of photos of an entire event is now very easy.

Thus, the new Google Plus is loaded with full new features and functionality which are pretty useful for a smartphone application development process as it allows the developers based in India and across the globe new ideas to explore and implement.

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Martin Kelvin is a tech blogger who has been writing reviews of new smartphone applications as his favorite pastime for the last three years. Identifying the potential of the Smartphone Application Development especially in India he takes special interest in the field and writes about it.

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