Win 5 Licenses of Twidium to Increase Twitter Followers [BlogoTech Giveaway]

After a recent Giveaway of Binverse Accounts and Diaspora invites, we are back with another Giveaway. This one is for all Twitter addicts. We are giving away 5 Licenses of Twidium app. This app will help you increase your Twitter followers in a very simple and easy way. So if you are looking to earn by posting paid or sponsored tweets, this app is for you!

What is Twidium?

Twidium is an app to increase your Twitter followers. If you have just started posting on Twitter and have not gain many followers, this app would help you gain plenty of followers. Increasing your Twitter followers helps you post paid tweets. It also helps you build up a good reputation for your company. When your Twitter followers have crossed a huge number, you can show it up on your site which would also help in branding.

How Does it Work

Twidium uses Mass following. It follows a number of users automatically. The number of accounts to be followed is specified by you. It is likely that 1-30% users will follow you back. You can follow accounts based on your own preferences. You can specify the keywords you expect to be present in the bio, location, language, gender, minimum number of Tweets posted and much more. You can also follow lists using this app. You also have an option to save a file with the usernames of the accounts followed. This is clearly explained in the video at the end of this post which shows a demo of the app.


Unfollow Non Followers

Now that you have followed a lot of accounts, you need to unfollow those who have not followed you back. Do not use this feature soon after you have used mass following feature because you need to give people you are following some time to follow you back. With the unfollowing feature, you would see a list of people whom you are following and who are not following you back. Now you can select which accounts to unfollow. This can also be used using sites like but you would face many restrictions which do not allow you mass unfollowing.

Here is what @SmartTween (a Twidium user) says about Twidium:

The absolute best tool i came across was Twidium 🙂 it was amazing! This tool gained me the most followers ever, i would recommend it to anyone.

Guidelines to Participate in Twidium Giveaway

I have made it very simple for you to participate in this Giveaway. All you need to do is

1.Like our Facebook Page

2.Post a comment on this Facebook post stating that you have liked the page.
Comments after 29th of September will not be eligible for this giveaway.

5 winners will be selected by randomizing a list of all commenters and the winners will be declared on our Facebook page. The winners would get a license of Twidium app which would be valid for a period of 6 months!

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