Everything You Need to Understand About Electric Shaver Vs Razor

A lot of men are still confused concerning Electric shaver Vs Razor. They still struggle to make up their mind between the two as a better option for everyday use. If you are one of them, this article may help you understand better. You’ll read both the advantages and disadvantages of using electric razor and manual razor.

Advantage of using Electric shavers

  • One major advantage of using electric razor is the comfort and convenience. You will get a much more comfortable shave out of an electric shaver compared to razor blade. They come with very flexible head to easily follow the contours of your face.
  • You don’t have to go through all the hassles of preparing for your shave as you do with manual blade shaving. Dry shaving with electric shaver is a preferred choice for many for this reason. You’ll get a comfortable and efficient dry shave anytime.
  • Compared to razor blade a good quality electric shaver causes little or no skin irritation. Moreover, no bleeding to get a close shaves unlike blades.
  • You get speed with electric shavers. If you spend 10 minutes shaving with manual blade, you can expect to finish the same task in less than 3 minutes with powerful electric razor like Panasonic ESLV61-A.
  • Electric shavers are durable. Shavers like Braun Series 7 790-cc are designed to last at least 7 years. Personally, I’ll never stick with a shaver that long but I like to keep options and choices to shave.

Disadvantage of Electric Shavers

  • Though some shavers are very efficient, the majority of electric razors can never give us the desired closeness like the manual blade.
  • Most of those electric shavers out there are noisy and not an ideal option if you want a quiet shaving experience.
  • You’ll need to spend a lot more money to buy electric shavers. High-end electric shavers are expensive though it might justify the cost in the long run. Any kind of damage not covered within the warranty is again a risk.
  • Normally, electric shavers need some time to adjust to your skin and hair and the transition period is often not unappreciated.

Advantage of using manual Razors

  • You get a clean and close shave every time you use a good blade.
  • There are no hassles to use razor blades in terms of maintenance and up keeping. With disposal blades you use it once and throw away.
  • Razor blades are cheap and you don’t have to worry spending so much to get a clean and close shave.
  • You can easily find razor blade at any departmental store or chemist shop. You don’t have to go through the hassles to find replacement parts like you do with electric razors.
  • Most men are more familiar with razor blade and easy to adapt. There is not much learning curve as compared to electric shavers.
  • It won’t create noise like electric shavers which can be annoying at times. They are completely silent.
  • It’s handier as a package when you travel. You can tuck in anywhere without much worry.

Disadvantages of Electric Shavers

  • Razor blade can bleed your face and neck without a warning. You can expect a cut even when you least want it.
  • It is more prone to skin irritation and razor burns. People with sensitive skin can really hurt themselves with razors.
  • It takes time to prepare for a nice razor shave. Shaving is a slow process with razors. In fact, it’ll only hurt you when you haste with razor blades.
  • It tends to get messy and not just time consuming preparing for your shaving with razors.
  • Though easily available you still need to replace it more often than electric shavers. With some razors you’ll have to replace it after every single use.