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8 Good Reasons Why You Should Switch to Windows 8

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One Small Step For Microsoft Windows, One Giant Leap For Mankind – 8 Reasons To Get Windows 8 “Should I make that jump to Windows 8?” This is the main question that has been bugging the minds of both consumers and developers alike. Windows 7 was a pretty solid OS,

Organize Files Based on Extension in Windows

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Do you have the Downloads folder in your Computer messed up with all types of extensions? has it become difficult for you to find a file that you downloaded perhaps a month back? I have been facing a similar problem few hours back. There are a lot of files

Facebook Messenger is now Available for Windows, Officially

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I had already reviewed Facebook Messenger for Android and iOS. There is no doubt that Facebook Messenger is really good for you to chat or send facebook messages from your phone. An update of this lets you view who is online and it also shows when your friend is

HOW TO Run Command Prompt in Full Screen in Windows 7 & Vista

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When you are on your Command Prompt for a long time, you might prefer using it in full screen mode for convenience. A few minutes back, I had been trying to run my Command Prompt window in Full Screen mode in Windows 7 but unfortunately, I got an error

Recover Deleted Files in Windows & Mac Using These 7 Data Recovery Tools

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So you have deleted an important file or an important document and somehow, perhaps because of Shift+Delete, the file skips Recycle Bin and just evaporates from your Hard Disk. Since it’s important, you need to recover the deleted file from your Hard Disk. I can help you in that

Microsoft’s YouTube Channel Hacked!

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UPDATE: Microsoft seems to have taken control over their channel again. It was not long back that Sylvester Michael Johnson, a friend of mine contacted me on Facebook reporting that Microsoft’s Official YouTube channel has been hacked. Below I will be providing you with some screenshots of how the

How To Prevent Automatic Reboot After Windows Update

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Even wondered how your computer got restarted when you weren’t there right in front of it? This is because Windows has downloaded some important updates and restarted automatically. You can also turn off automatic updates in Windows which is discussed at the end of this post. Windows actually prompts

A Glimpse of Windows 8: The Next Generation of Windows

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It had not been long since I had just started using Windows 7 and i really liked it features an UI. But Microsoft again has a new version of Windows, named as Windows 8. A few hours ago, Windows President Steven Sinofsky had just demonstrated the public prototypes of Windows