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Facebook Announces Messenger ‘Reactions’ and ‘Mentions’

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Sick and tired of confusing group chats in Facebook Messenger? Getting frustrated at not knowing which question your friends are answering? Well not for long! Facebook have announced the introduction of 'Reactions' and 'Mentions' - but what are they all about?

Instagram Introduce ‘Sensitive Content’ Feature

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Instagram have announced that they will introduce a new feature regarding 'Sensitive Content'. The feature will blur images that are deemed to be of content that is inappropriate to to the audiences that can access Instagram. With the huge debate on censorship still ongoing, neither side, for or against,

Instagram – Allowing Users to Save Live Broadcasts

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Social media marketers and enthusiasts have been getting extremely excited in the past twenty-four hours as Instagram announces the ability to save live broadcasts have been implemented to their platform. Live broadcasting was introduced last November and caused some controversy at the time. There was a lot of speculation

Use These Five Marketing Tips For Social Media

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Five SMM Tips every business owner should consider.

Android And IOS Users Can Access Twitter With The Mobile Apps

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We have put a list together with mobile apps such as TweetCaster which allow access to Twitter.

Social Signals, SEO and Crowd Marketing Explained

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Internet marketing offers you nearly limitless ways to advertise your product and promote your content. Social media has expanded the possibilities even further with all kinds of exciting opportunities from paid ads, to starting your own FanPage, to having people promote your content. At the end of the day, you’re

How to Choose the Best Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

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First impressions are as important online as they are in person. When someone visits your Facebook page for the first time, they will immediately begin to form an opinion about you or your business. One of the most important aspects of your page is the timeline cover photo. The

Pinteresting Way To Increase Your Sales!

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Many businesses have explored and understood the importance of social media websites to enhance and highlight their business and get galore interaction with clients and customers. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and most importantly Pinterest. These websites help to socialize and widen the network, so that you

Amp up your Twitter Marketing Plan with Advanced Marketing Techniques

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Once you have established a basic Twitter marketing plan, gotten into a groove of how to use the 140 character social media platform, and know what you’re doing with the basics, it is time to move beyond those simple marketing plans and get into advanced Twitter marketing strategies. Here

Is There a Place in the World of Vine and Instagram Video?

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Vine and Instagram are making a huge difference in the marketing industry by helping companies expose their products and services to the world faster. More companies are recognizing the benefits of these low-cost forums that will help clients disseminate information faster to the public. If you are considering using