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Would a Hacker Want Your Domain Name?

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As a blogger, you’re probably well aware of many of the different types of cyber attacks and online security risks. Yet have you ever considered whether a hacker would want to take your domain name? Domain hijacking or domain theft involves a hacker changing the registration of a domain

20 Technical Hints Every Blogger Should Know

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Introduction Blogging is no longer a sophisticated or complicated thing as it once used to be in the past. A popular thought among most people at some point is that blogging was meant for the chosen few computing geniuses with skills in coding or graphic and web design. However,

4 things medical and clinical websites are doing wrong when it comes to blogging

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According to a source, there were 152,000,000 blogs on the internet in 2013. The blogosphere keeps growing and on an average, every popular blog gets up to 1,000 visitors a day. Then there are medical blogs. Many doctors and professionals related to the health industry think that due to

5 Ultimate Tips for your WordPress Website Safety

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Being the most popular and most preferred platform for building websites, WordPress is a common target for many spammers and hackers. WordPress is certainly well-recognized for being one of the most intuitive and user-friendly CMSs available on the internet, unfortunately, out-of-the-box it is extremely vulnerable to security threats. In

5 Easy Ways to Earn Money from your Blog or Website

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Blogging has been the main source of income for many bloggers. Blogging has been growing in popularity since couple of years due to its major benefits and the most favorite of its advantage is Blogging is the best source to paid writing. As we all know that Blogging is no

Creating a Crowdfunding Website With WordPress

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Crowdfunding sites, for example, Indiegogo, RocketHub, and Kickstarter have helped get some awesome projects off the ground including A purchaser 3D printer The Ouya computer game console The Pebble watch Nonetheless, if you have a task you need to discover financial backers for, or you need to make your

5 UX Tips to Follow for A Better WordPress Site

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Engaging a user towards a website is one of the critical tasks that require a lot of time, effort and technique. When it comes to creating a WordPress site, the first thing you need to consider is its user-friendly design. UX design is the process of boosting customer satisfaction

Top 8 Free Broken Link Checker Tools To Help you Fix Broken Links on Your Site

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While link building is a tedious and time consuming task, what is drearier and more mind numbing is the task of finding out all the broken and dead links pointing to your website. Apart from being tedious to discover, broken links are disappointing and frustrating too for a reader

8 Great Blogs Every Beginning Blogger Needs to Follow

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So you’re thinking of starting your very own blog… good for you! Whether it’s for personal use or business purposes, a well-organized blog can be a great place to be heard. If you’ve made it past the point of setting up your domain and choosing your theme but you’re

HOW TO Increase Time Spent by visitors on your blog?

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If you want people to stay on your blog, then you could add a repeating virus that crashes their computer once their RAM is full. But, if you want to do it the nice way by having people stay of their own free will, then here are a few