365 Days of Blogging

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a Happy Birthday to BlogoTech. It has been one year since I started BlogoTech and a one year span of Blogging life. If you are new to this blog, you should perhaps head over to the about section and a few other pages to know more. Assuming that you aren’t new now, I would like to share my experiences, what I learnt and    what mistakes I did in 2011 and a few more things related to this Blog. I hope you don’t get bored 😉 I remember when I started Blogging one year back on this day and here is how I managed to bring up this blog from 20-30 visitors per day to a few thousands of visitors per day and also 200 registered contributors.

365 Days of Blogging

What Did I Learn?

I don’t really consider myself an experienced Blogger. One year is not enough for one to learn something completely but yes, I have learnt how to drive traffic to your Blog, what should be written on your blog and how should it be written.  So, driving traffic to your Blog is something which every Blogger wants and also asks me. If you have started a new Blog, you should think about it when you have written at least 100 posts which is a minimum requirement to get considerable amount of traffic.

My methods of Driving Traffic

I’m a student and don’t really know about One Page and Off page SEO. I’ve read numerous articles on these topics and everyone has their own opinion. I don’t follow any of those. I know a few tactics which people call as On Page SEO. This is what drives traffic to my Blog.  The traffic sources are:

  • 77.02% Search Traffic
  • 10.26% Referral Traffic
  • 11.33% Direct Traffic
  • 1.38% Campaigns

Referral Traffic and traffic from Subscribers is less and that goes into the Mistakes Section.

A simple way to get Search traffic is to write what people would search for. Also note, the way you write content is equally important. Make sure you check out the SEO section to know more.

Here is a list of top 10 posts of 2011:

  1. HOW TO Get Back Old Facebook Interface
  2. HOW TO Wake Up Your PC Using Your Android Phone
  3. Update Facebook Status on Android via Different Services/Devices
  4. Get Google+ Invitations at BlogoTech
  5. Get Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher Even Before Upgrading to Android 4.0
  6. HOW TO Disable Facebook Sidebar Ticker
  7. Download Ice Cream Sandwich Music Player 4.0 APK
  8. 5 Web Apps for Better Productivity
  9. Girl Killed Herself After Her Dad Posted This to Her Wall: A Facebook Scam
  10. 10 Facebook Shortcuts Every Facebook User Must Know

If you are not an Android user, most of these posts might seem uninteresting to you! 😀 Also there were a few traffic hikes during Google Plus was introduced, Facebook’s new interface and yeah, BlogoTech was on reddit.com homepage at the top a few months back which was a good source of traffic.

Turning Point in Traffic Flow

Having a clean and neat theme really helps. If you have a lot of content put forth to the user, you will perhaps not get many visitors. I didn’t believe in this fact unless I changed my own theme. The speed with which your Blog opens is an important factor for ranking better in search results. Would you believe that the traffic on BlogoTech almost rose up by 70% after changing the theme? Well, it’s true and the theme which BlogoTech uses is Twenty Ten WordPress theme. Why not twenty eleven? It does not have a sidebar and it needed me to spend a few more minutes to introduce the sidebar in single post page.

Do you like this theme? If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below:

Mistakes Committed in 2011

Guest Posting is something which I rarely never do and I also mentioned it when I had completed 100 posts. It is necessary if you need to build up links to your Blog and also your Page Rank. I don’t really remember when I made my last guest post but there have been hardly 4-5 in the whole year which is a very small figure. But sometimes I feel you can get backlinks if you have great content on your Blog. When you have great content on your Blog, people give credits to your content from their own blog and this is how it works out well.

Not concentrating on SEO, selection of content in the first few months and not concentrating on Subscribers’ count are a few more mistakes. But I can’t help it as I was a novice during the first few months 😉 There might be a few more mistakes about which I don’t know now but may know later 😀

New Ventures Planned & Dropped

I did plan to start some new blogs but then realized they won’t successful unless I have authors employed to post content on those Blogs. It’s not possible currently but may be possible in 2012, hopefully 🙂 Also my keen interest in Technology does not let me think about anything else and BlogoTech is a good place to post Tech-related content. But yea, I do have my personal blog (newly created & not frequently updated).

New Year Resolutions?

Well, is that necessary? 😛 Guest posting mus be concentrated on is one. Anything else I’m missing? Let me know in your comments!

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