Facebook Messenger is now Available for Windows, Officially

I had already reviewed Facebook Messenger for Android and iOS. There is no doubt that Facebook Messenger is really good for you to chat or send facebook messages from your phone. An update of this lets you view who is online and it also shows when your friend is typinh. That’s really cool and the coolness is now available for Windows 7 too. I badly needed it as I don’t like having my Facebook open just to talk to a few people. You also have a few alternatives like Chit Chat for Facebook and a simple trick which lets you chat in Facebook while browsing the web.

The download link for Facebook Messenger is available after the jump. Lets have a look at Facebook Messenger for Windows while you proceed below.

Facebook Messenger for Windows

After you download the Facebook Messenger for Windows, sign into Facebook. You need to  be online on Facebook chat in your default browser. If you are not, Facebook Messenger will not show you friends who are online.

Facebook chat

You can view our Notifications, Messages and Friend requests using the Facebook Messenger. It also give you Desktop Notifications. You are taken to Facebook on your default browser when you click on it.

Facebook Messenger for Windows is obviously better than other chat clients but it does not respond sometimes. Well, that’s the case with me. Let me know how does it work out for you 🙂

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows

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  1. I used yahoo and gtalk as a messenger. Currently, I m using Skype and it’s good to use. Facebook is really gaining good popularity and now people will surely use this new stuff from it. I would also like to use this one asap.


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