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BlogoTech is a Do Follow Blog with 39K (current) alexa rank and 4K Indian rank. We receive maximum traffic from Google organic search. As the name suggests, it is a Technology and Blogging Blog. We also focus on social media, telecommunication, tricks, software and WebHosting apart from Technology and Blogging.

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If you own a website or any product and if you want the world to know about it, you can request a review on BlogoTech. We welcome all your requests with open arms and your requests will be answered to within 12 hours and the review will be published within 2 business days. We do in depth review of the product provided all the details and specifications needed.

Review Amount: Decided on personal negotiations.

Payment Mode: Paypal

Number of Backlinks allowed: 2

I can reduce the amount further depending on the product and the review needed. We can still finalize the amount on one to one conversations 🙂

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You can also advertise on BlogoTech, the amount of which will be quoted personally through mails.

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