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BlogoTech allows its readers to contribute to the Blog. You can submit your articles to be published on BlogoTech.

A few points to be considered before submitting the post for review:

  • Have a gravatar associated with your email id.
  • Only 1 dofollow link  with no keyword in anchor text is allowed. The link can be added at the end only in the author bio. Feel free to add links to your social profiles.
  • Content only on Android, Gadgets, Technology, Internet tips and tricks and social media will be published.
  • Please try to write unique articles which should be first published on BlogoTech and must not be published anywhere else later without giving credits. If we find an article not suitable for this Blog, we might reject it but we will surely inform you why your post was rejected and what changes could be made to the post to get it published.
  • Kindly do not write about topics which are outdated, you can make use of Google Trends to find out trends for specific topics.
  • If you are a new Blogger, you can follow some Blogging Tips.
  • Please divide te post into suitable paragraphs and give h2 tags for headings and h3 tags for sub-headings.
  • Kindly upload minimum one image within the post.
  • Proofread your post before submitting.
  • Please reply to the comments you receive on your post, you can subscribe to comments via RSS too.
  • Make the post interesting and interact with the readers. You can add a question in the last line of the post as this would invite more comments.
  • Submission of copied content will lead to suspension of account and no further guest posts will be allowed.
  • The first 3-4 lines of the post must be keyword rich. This would be beneficial to you and also for BlogoTech.

To submit your post, register for an account, login and submit your post via the WordPress Dashboard. If your post it accepted, it will be published as soon as possible.

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