5 uTorrent Apps You Must Try Today

Apart from Vuze, uTorrent has been a very popular torrent download client and recently they have introduced a new feature called apps. These apps add extra functionality  to uTorrent. These apps are available for free and hence I decided to mention some of the uTorrent Apps which you might find useful. You can also check how to increase your torrent download speed.

Tetronimoes aka uTetris

Patience is something which I always lose while downloading torrents, hence I usually prefer downloading heave files at night when I am fast asleep but this app will keep you engaged. You would have heard or even tried out a Game called Tetris. Tetronimoes is also known as uTetris as it allows you to play the game of Blocks within uTorrent.


This app allows you to search for the files you have downloaded or search for torrents both completed and incomplete downloads. It is quite easy to use and you can also search using the directory name.

This app seems to be useful only when you have a large number of torrents but unfortunately if you have hundreds of torrents, this app won’t work out well and may slow down uTorrent an/or may freeze it. It would also become tedious to uninstall it. Hence, install at your own risk.


VLC displays all the torrents you have downloaded in a single list and allows you to play the files using VLC player within uTorrent. This app can play almost all files and comes with all codecs so you don’t need to keep updating it.  This app can also play damaged files.

This apps is light and does not require much memory to be run, unlike some apps like Virus Guard. It does not take long to start a video or audio manually but it is much convenient when you have it within uTorrent.

Torrent Tweet

Torrent Tweet is a Twitter-based system for seeing and submitting comments related to an individual torrent file. You can sign into your Twitter account and see what people have Tweeted about the torrent file. Tweets are indexed with an automatically generated hashtag unique to each Torrent. This helps you determine which torrent file you must download and which one you should not.


uMap shows you a map of the location of the peers you are connected to around the world. These are organized by client type, country of origin and swarm. A few of you may dislike it because someone downloading the same file as that of yours can see where you are located. This maps lets people see in which street you are situated at and sometimes even your house. But you can always use VPN or VPNOD to hide your location.

These are 5 uTorrent Apps of my choice. You can find and install all these apps here http://www.utorrent.com/get-started/apps

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