5 Ways To Get Rid Of Facebook Scams

I have seen a hell lot of spams on Facebook these days, the most popular being “Girl Killed Herself” which was once the top trending topic on Facebook and the most dangerous one according to my observation has been a YouTube video of yours. Well, that was a really dangerous one because of which my online security was at stake and I had to re-install Windows on my PC. Most of my Facebook friends have been asking me about how to get rid of such Facebook scams but it is really hard to give a solution unless you know what type of infection it is. So I have listed out a few methods which will help you get rid of Facebook spams.

Get rid of Facebook scams

Check Browser Extensions

Most of the scams are used to post links on your friends wall using your account. Those links appear to be YouTube videos. When you click on the link, you are taken to a page which shows you a YouTube video which can not be played because your browser lacks an extension. It also has some comments below the video which appear to be Facebook comments but it is just an image. More details about this scam can be found in a previous post of mine. We had reported this to Google (since spammers used Blogspot platform)and most of these spam blogs have been removed. But if you see that you have been posting spam links to your friends’ wall, it is because you tried to see that video and hence installed the extension on your browser. Do not click on such links. If you think your browser lacks an extension, go to YouTube and check if videos are being played or not.

In case you have installed any extension, uninstall it else you will be posting links to your friends’ wall every time you log in. Usually the name of the extension is YouTube.

Reset Windows Host Files

In certain situations, you would not be able to login to Facebook via the web interface, though it might be possible to login via m.facebook.com You may also get security warnings when you try to view secure websites (https://) The solution to this is simple. Just reset  your Windows Host Files (assuming that you are running a Windows OS).

Reset Windows Host Files

Tracing The Trojan

I already mentioned about the scam which shows you in a YouTube video. This scam is  a severe one and infects your PC with Trojan. In such case you need to trace out infected files and delete them. Check this to know more about the scan and find the solution after the jump.

Scan With Anti-Malware and Anti-Trojan Programs

This is a good idea even if you are not a victim of a Facebook scam. Scan your PC regularly for malware or trojan to stay safe. I personally recommend Malwarebytes for this. To check the status of your PC, you can install Belarc Advisor (Free) Never forget to update these programs as there are new infections emerging everyday!

Beware of a Hacking Attack

Try not to face the same situation which I did 😉 The YouTube scam got my PC completely f****d up! I wish I could do something about it rather than installing Windows again! But yes, I did not lose any of my important files. If you think your PC is not behaving normally, you can always perform a check and take necessary measures to recover from a hacking attack.

Hopefully the methods above will help you recover from some trouble that these scams might be causing to your social life. If you think none of these works, feel free to comment below.

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