A Review of Nokia C7

Nokia had already launched its symbian phone N8 about which we had discussed earlier. The recent release from Nokia is the C7. C7 has a slim and sexy design and a price tag which is lower than the Nokia N8. A reason for this is that it doesnt have a 12 megapixel camera like the N8. It also doesn’t have the HDMI output like the N8 does. A few more distinguishing points can be traced out from the following description of C7

[tab name=’Design’]


The  C7 has a fabulous design, much better than the N8 and other Nokia phones. We all know Nokia lags behind in looks when compared to other company phones. But this one seals the lips of those who say so. If you don’t believe me, you can have a look at the pictures. If you still have a doubt, try to handle it once. You will start liking it more and more for sure :).

The body of the phone is extremely solid and strong.  The front is made up of Gorilla Glass. As you can see from the images, this glass gives a mirror like finish to the phone. The curves of the phone are extremely attractive and are made up of metal. You get the phone in three colours,

  • Frosty metal
  • Charcoal black
  • Mahogany brown

Above the display you can find the video call camera which is VGA and below it you have three buttons. The center one is to access menu and the left and right are to receive and end calls. Receiving and ending calls can be done using the touchscreen too. But i guess these buttons have been provided to make the last dialled number accessible easier.

On the right side of the phone, you can see the two volume buttons with a voice recording button in the centre. This makes voice recording much easier. Below these three buttons is the sliding lock key and below that is the camera shutter button. the charger port is available on the left.

On the top of the phone you can find the power button, a 3.5mm headphone jack into which the stereo headphone can be plugged in and the USB port. Charging can also be done using the USB port.

At the back you find the 8megapixel camera with a dual LED flash. On either side of the camera, you can find two grilles. One has the loudspeaker underneath it and the other has NOTHING 😛 It has been made just for design purpose./*Just to tel you not to expect anything underneath it :P*/

When you open the battery cover at the back, you can access the SIM card without even removing the battery but the micro SD card is not accessible with the battery placed in.[/tab]

[tab name=’Display’]


The C7 has a 3.5-inch 640 x 360 resolution AMOLED display which can display 16 million colours. As already mentioned, it is protected with Gorilla glass which is scratch resistant. You wont find even a single scratch on it even if you rub screws on it.  Another advantage of this AMOLED display is that it doesn’t get affected in sunlight. The visibility remains the same even if it is viewed in sunlight. This makes C7 a phone worth buying.[/tab]

[tab name=’Connectivity’]


Talking about connectivity, C7 doesn’t differ much from the N8. It is a 3G handset, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, Gps and USB connectivity. The performance of these features is quite satisfactory.

Messaging is better than N8. Thanks to the Swype keyboard. But a problem with this is that the keyboard is available in landscape mode which will make handling the phone inconvenient while messaging. It has a e-mail web widget for home and a conversational view for SMS.[/tab]

[tab name=’Camera’]


The 8 megapixel camera has a fixed focus mechanism. It does have some flaws due to the noise reducing algorithm. But the flaws of the camera are hidden by the display of the phone which is too good. the images have a better quality when clicked in sunlight. but low light images are also pretty good to be uploaded on facebook or Flickr.

Audio quality is good and loud though it has a single speaker. It has a HD 720p Video playback on TV. It also comes with a video editing software. it also has a support for browsing and streaming Youtube videos.[/tab]

[tab name=’Battery’]


It possesses a BL-5K 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery which can provide a maximum talktime of 576 mins and a standby time of 555 hours. When you use it heavily, it can work for one full day.[/tab]

[tab name=’Price and Verdict’]

Price and Verdict

C7 is priced at Rs.18,999. The phone is obviously worthy for this price. but if you don’t mind paying a few thousands extra, i suggest you to go for the N8. Nokia will soon be launching the C6 which will have the same features as the C7, but less attractive in design and hence it will be priced at a lower rate. You have an option to wait for that too. Which one would you prefer? Comments are welcome :)[/tab]


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