Benefits of Cloud Servers to Business Operations

If you’re planning on starting your own business or you’ve already launched your business, then the most practical thing to do is to leverage on any available IT resources. Making your clients happy, satisfied and loyal to your products and services is one of the important things to do when preparing for any kind of business.

In response to this, choosing reliable, manageable and scalable solutions can help accelerate your business on the road to success. Cloud hosting solutions is one such example, whether for IT deliverables or for internal infrastructure that support your business on a day-to-day basis.

If you want to maximise your IT infrastructure for an agile working environment then one of the key services for that would be the help of a cloud server.

To improve your infrastructure, then here are the things you should know about cloud servers and how it can contribute to your business:

Fast provisioning setup – On managed cloud services, cloud specialists can set up your cloud infrastructure within a few minutes. Configuring the cloud servers have never been so fast compared to dedicated servers (if you’re using them), where it’ll take an average of three to five days, depending on the complexity of the configuration. The result? You can spin up your servers faster, so no need to wait for days.

Instant scalable solutions for resources – Expect the unexpected and utilise the cloud servers’ scalable solutions. It’s a normal day today for smooth sailing online transactions, and before you know it, a surge in traffic spikes. With cloud, you can acquire hundreds of Windows and Linux servers in a few minutes and spin them down after the glorious moments of sales and profits.

Pay-as-you-go pricing model – It’s time to think and review your IT infrastructure this year: how much did you spend? How much is allotted for next year?

By utilising cloud servers, you’ll be able to reduce cost because you only pay what you use while enjoying a consistent high performance with an agreed Infrastructure SLAs. Therefore, you only pay the servers, bandwidth and other resources that you need on a monthly basis. Instead of investing on legacy apps with software licenses (which are too expensive), maintenance on hardware requires you a big sum of money to acquire them.

Supports different operating systems – cloud servers support Linux, RedHat Linux Enterprise and Windows to match your infrastructure needs and handle robust computing workloads. Working with cloud servers gives you that privilege of choosing the RAM, redundant solutions, CPUs and other resources to optimise overall performance.

Guarantee network 100% uptime – If you plan to integrate your mission critical apps, e-commerce website and agile resources for development, cloud servers guarantee 100% network uptime. Cloud servers will ensure that there’s enough redundancy to cover hardware failures if, by chance, it happens whilst operating on a daily basis especially during the busiest seasons of the year.

The cloud is not a mere buzzword for the startup ecosystem, it shows how startups can utilise the key features of cloud servers to speed up the exchange of information, processing of data and providing services to customers. Cloud itself is essential for startups’ growth.

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