Blogging Tips for Novice Bloggers

Blogging Tips For Novice BloggersIf you have thought of starting a Blog, you must surely know what a Blog is and how you should Blog. A Blog is completely different from website. I would rather call it a Dynamic Website. By dynamic website, I mean that it should be regularly updated. Here are a few tips which you should follow if you are a novice Blogger (new to Blogging).

Choose your Desired Niche

This is the first step towards Blogging. You need to decide the niche for your Blog. It may be technology, Blogging, SEO, a photoblog, business, lifestyle and the list continues. Do not choose your niche seeing other Bloggers. Choose your desired niche will prevent you from facing a situation called “Writer’s Block”. This is the situation when you don’t know what to write about. If you were to consider me as an example, being an engineering student, I had much interest in technology and this ignited the spark of creating a Tech Blog in me.

Updating Frequently

This is the basic rule which you should follow while Blogging. Updating your Blog is necessary if you really want it to be called a Blog.  Updating your Blog is also helpful in SEO.

Provide Fresh Content

Updating you Blog is not a difficult task but providing good content is something which should be taken care of. The quality of a Blog depends on its content. You should provide your readers with fresh content and hopefully unique too 🙂

Be Casual

A Blog is a medium of communication with your readers. While writing a Blog, do remember this and be casual. Involve yourself in your articles. The word which a Website uses to represent itself is “We” but a Blogger should use “I”. Its you and not your Blog which speaks to your readers.

Voice out your perspectives

As I have already mentioned, a Blog is a medium of communication with your readers. So whenever you write an article, do express your views on the topic. Its your Blog and you obviously have the freedom to voice out your views and suggestions on a particular topic.

Talk about yourself

There is nothing wrong if you write about yourself in a Blog. By writing about yourself, people get to know you better and it also provides a pleasant reading to your readers. If you talk about yourself, you might even get a good number of comments on your articles. The about page should be a description about you and your Blog. For an example check out the About page of BlogoTech Blog.

Harmonizing your content with your theme

Harmonization is an essential part to make a Blog look good. Your content should match the Theme of your Blog. For example a Blog with a simple theme would not look good if you target audience whoa re children who love reading about games etc. Similarly, a colourful theme would not look good for a business Blog.

Create Attractive Images

Images are sure to attract your readers if they are really good and unique. Take pains to create your own images instead of publishing someone else’s image and providing credit. If you write about a product, you can ignore this tip 😉

Do not Advertise much

Money making is obviously a part of Blogging, but do not make it your ultimate goal. Making money with Blogs is just an option. If you want your Blog to be good, focus on the content rather than placing advertisements. A blog with too many advertisements will give your readers an ill feeling about your Blog. It will also reduce the loading time of your Blog.

Easy Subscription

Let your readers subscribe to your blog easily. This will make them come back to your Blog and make them stay connected. Use FeedBurner (recommended) for providing RSS and email subscriptions.

Expecting Comments

Making your readers comment on your Blog is also necessary as it will motivate the Blogger and give you confidence. Your readers can also advice you on how to move further. Feedbacks are really essential because your readers are the one who can make your Blog successful. Providing your readers with awards and giveaways will increase the number of comments on your Blog and hence increase your Blog’s traffic too 🙂

If you follow these tips, you can surely start a Blog and move on the right path towards being a professional Blogger. But to be successful you need to learn many more aspects of Blogging which will be discussed by me in my future posts in this category 🙂

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