Conversation made easier with Google Translate for Android

Android devices have spread worldwide and have become very popular in the recent times. And with the Android becoming popular, the Google Translate app for Android has also become a must have app for almost all the Android users.

The Google Translate app for Android users has been tweaked by Google with some changes which are quite interesting and will attract more users who wish to converse with people speaking different languages.

The new translate app for Google offers a two-way conversation with your messages being translated in a language desired by the user from the other end. The translate app supports 53 languages and voice input for 15 languages.  Isn’t it amazing?

The user interface of the application has been enhanced by drop-down options for selection of languages. The application has a conversation mode so that the users can chat with each other even if they don’t have a common language known. Currently the translation is available only for English and Spanish. Future improvements are always expected 🙂

To use this you just need to press the microphone icon and speak the word or phrase. Google translate will translate your audio input and read it aloud on the other end. When the person from the other end responds, you can hear the translation in your preferred language.

But there are a few hindrances to this app like the regional accents, background noise and rapid speech. So you cannot expect it to be 100% perfect but it might be obviously useful for Android users at some point of time.

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