Cloud Next Offers Reliable Web Hosting

What is cloud hosting?

Hosting in the traditional sense is having a server where you can store your information. This is usually just one computer or maybe more depending when there’s a need for it. Cloud hosting on the other hand is basically the pooling together of computer resources regardless of the actual physical location. The technology for this network of servers allows for the servers to be scattered around the world. Some of these servers could be located in Asia, Europe or Americas. In fact it can be anywhere in the world and the only thing needed is an internet.

Cloud hosting is cost effective because with this technology you only pay for what you need. You are simply sharing the cost of the server with others who need it. Still sound confusing? Think of it this way. You need a house and the only ones available are two bedroom houses while all you need is one room and the kitchen of course. Think of cloud hosting as your landlord who allows you to rent just one room while someone else rents the other room and the both of you are sharing the use of the kitchen.

The cloud technology is also quite reliable compared to other type of hosting because of its redundancy where your data are duplicated and stored in multiple locations. What this means is that you have multiple servers working for you in different locations instead of just one. Let’s take for example a network of 4 servers scattered in 4 different locations. If one location encounters a problem that brings down their whole infrastructure cutting off all communication with this one server, it just means that your one server is down while you still have 3 other servers working for you compared to none when you are using a traditional setup.

There is no such thing as a perfect setup and hence even this comes with a con. The biggest flaw in this setup is that if you have sensitive information, then having it stored over multiple servers where you don’t know the exact location is a problem but that in itself is not always a deterrent in using cloud base hosting as there are workaround for certain obstacles. An example of this is payment information. People worry about this a lot when doing online business and that is where payment processors like PayPal, ProPay, Google Checkout and others come in. In using these payment processors you are using a third party and they are in charge of storing these sensitive information for a fee of course. This is an advantage to you since you just have to wait for the confirmation from your chosen processor and let them worry the rest.

With the great advantage in cloud base hosting it is no wonder that more and more people are choosing this option. There are many companies providing cloud base hosting. Web hosting reseller like Cloud Next is a great option since it offers several cloud hosting packages. The best part of this is they have a reseller package. From a business perspective choosing the reseller hosting package is a win-win situation since you are able to cut you cost by selling hosting services to other companies in need of it as well as turn it into a business and actually profit from it.

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