Daily Offers Domain Names at Low Cost

When we are talking about online identity, internet address and uniform resource locator (URL), then we are most likely referring to your domain name. For the technologically challenged people the domain name is taking to both brand name and address. Although it is not always so but more often than not domain names are actual company names which are also used as their internet address with the extensions like .com, .net, .org and others just attached to it on the end. This is most beneficial in terms of having taken advantage of the search engines as well as public recognition through your name and address.

Normally an internet address is just a bunch of numbers which is hard to remember for the average person. So, domain names are present to make our lives simpler. The human mind remembers words or word phrases easily compared to numbers. Domain names may not exactly be a requirement but it is definitely considered a necessity that is most beneficial to you. With that being said, when you start an online presence you have to look for the best domain name registrar available to you, like, for example Daily. Daily provides domain names at an affordable price. In fact they are one of the cheapest in the market with extras to boot like website builder, mailbox and full email service, bulk domain management, web forwarding and total DNS control and all for free. To make our lives easier, Daily also provides other vital services that you may need like web hosting, virtual private servers, SSL certificates and others. They even allow resellers and all these at a reasonable cost. Consider this place your one stop shop.

Who doesn’t like a one stop shop? I know I do. It makes my life easier having all of these related things managed by one company. It is also to my security that I provide my personal details to as few companies as possible. Choosing a provider or product is not easy but there are certainly important factors to consider that will lead us to the right decision.

  • Proven track record. You wouldn’t want to entrust your money with what may turn to be fly-by-night companies.

  • Superior customer service. Don’t you just hate it hate it when you have problems and you don’t get a response right away? What about calling a number only to be answered by an automated machine giving you so many different options?

  • Reliable service. Get stable and consistent service that you are paying for.

  • Reasonable price. This one speaks for itself.

I’m not here to tell you to choose which domain name provider to choose. I can however tell you instead the one feature that I love the most about Daily and that is its email capabilities. Not all domain name providers provide this feature but it is very important in making your business sound polished and professional. An example for this is an email like [email protected] over [email protected]. As consumer I would be drawn towards email using daily.co.uk over the one using a public domain like yahoo.com. The best part about this is that Daily provides this email service for free while with others you need to look for an email provider and pay as much as $15 a month just to have this functionality.

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