Design Stylish Coupon Codes With Coupon Code WordPress Plugin

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best methods of money making from your Blog. If you are an affiliate, you would be provided with a discount coupon code which would be available to all the affiliates. Using that coupon, your readers get a discount and you get a commission but sometimes, a few visitors might just copy the code and paste it in the merchants website instead of following your affiliate link. When this happens, you lose your commission.

In such cases, Coupon Code WordPress plugin proves to be helpful. It is a premium plugin which helps you design Coupon Codes and make them attractive. It actually turns your Coupon Code into an image, making it impossible for the visitors to copy the text. The visitors instead click on the image which redirects to your affiliate link. Hence, it becomes necessary for the visitors to click on your affiliate link which helps you get full commission.

Let me show you how he plugin works. Adding a stylish coupon code is quite easy. Click on “Add Coupon” in your Dashboard and enter the Name of the coupon, the coupon code, your affiliate URL to which the visitor must be redirected and a shortcode which would be used while inserting the code into posts. You can also add a caption which is optional.Add Coupon

In the General Settings page, you can choose if you would like to mask the URL. If yes, you can track the number of clickthroughs. You can select if the URL must open in the same window or a new window and also customise your coupon code with the various styles available. It can either be colour style or button style. A preview would be shown below the options.CouponCode Options

When you have to insert the coupon code in a post, you simple have to select the coupon code from he dropdown list and click on Insert Coupon from the box which appears below the post editor.Add Coupon Code in Post

The shortcode will be inserted in the post and this is how the coupon code would look like:HostGator Discount Coupon

Clicking on the image will redirect the visitor to your affiliate URL.

This plugin is really useful if you would like to make good amount of revenue using Affiliate Marketing. You can find the plugin by following the link below:

Coupon Code WordPress Plugin

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